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Brit Asia Nominations Party

Denny Armatrading April 5, 2010 Featured Comments Off on Brit Asia Nominations Party

Brit Asia Awards Press Launch – 31st March 2010.

Brit Asia Nominations Party 2010 from themixup1 on Vimeo.

The Mixup Team decided to make their way down to the Brit Asia Awards Press Launch on Wednesday 31st March 2010.

From The very outset I would like to thank Brit Asia TV for the invitation to a great night.
Arriving at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena also the home of Coventry City Football Club, We had already seen few familiar faces of the British Asian music scene. Jaz Dhami to Roach Killa, Silinder Pardesi to Jaya and plenty more were already gracing the venue upon our arrival. With such a line up and myself, Reena and Denny added to the mix the inaugural Brit Asia Awards were off with a bang. This one was definitely going to be crazy.

We made our way through the front foyer to see if the Brit Asia Staff would let us in.
We were halted by the beautiful Raj Meena of Brit Asia TV, who presented us with our press passes, gave us a small briefing on the night and pointed us in the right direction, promising to catch up with us later (which she did).

The Venue itself was beautiful from ambient lighting to water features, with security tight but polite.
The complimentary champagne and canapé’s just added to set the scene for what was a brilliantly hosted night from the people at Brit Asia TV

We caught up with the Kray Twins on the night and they told us that they have some new material coming out this year as they are a feature in a new Hollywood Film. They gave us an interview which was outstanding and brought their new artist along with them, who goes by the name of “Jag Singh”. Jag gave us a live vocal which lasted the best part of five seconds. Not just giving us a teaser of this upcoming star but also a stark reminder of the old adage ’You Don’t Get Nothing For Free’.

As we were all rushing through the crowd and mingling with the celebs we came across a guy who won an award at the UK AMA’s in March 2010 for the best new comer. Some people know him as the next “Jazzy B” but we all know him as JK. He won the award as the best newcomer, splitting with Imran Khan and we caught up with him to see how he felt. He told us that he was amazed at the support that the fans were giving him and that he has alot more to come this year including the new album produced by his best friend the super producer Tru-Skool. JK even gave us a live teaser on camera from his successful track “Gabaro”. The full interview can be seen on the video above or check out The Mixup TV @ youtube.com

We carried on our journey through the Brit Asia Awards, drinking loads of free champagne when Reena spotted the familiar face of Silinder Pardesi. Silinder Pardesi has been around for many years performing with loads of big names in the industry and producing a string of successful tracks. So If you don’t know make sure you ask your parents because I’m sure they will know this Asian musical legend. As we were interviewing the legend himself we managed to start negotiations to promote his latest album(we always have our bsuiness minds on) which is coming out late April. The name of this Album will be IK Onkar, which means there is one god. This is a religious album that he has decided to work on to educate the young generation about religion and what benefits it has. Catch the Interview with Silinder Pardesi only on The Mixup TV.

After Interviewing Silinder Pardesi we decided to go on a little break from our hard work and take 5 minutes to sit down when we saw the ladies man of them all Jaz Dhami. Never wanting to miss a great opportunity, we knew we had to get an interview with him. I have to honestly say ladies he is a Tall man, maybe because I am short he is a tall man. And if you watch closely he hands out a few numbers from his personal mobile number. As the conversation got tense with him we asked what he is upto in the near future hes working on some big exclusive tracks with his brother’s album (His brother is a producer). They have a Family business of artists going on there. Thats another Interview that you have to watch if you want to Catch some of Jaz Dhami’s number only on The Mixup TV.

Walking around the bar mingling with artist, TV Presenters and other magazines, the nominations for the Awards was announced allowing us to grab the first eye on who was nominated and for what award. So the nominations follow below:

Best New Comer
– Kazz Kumar
– Jaz Dhami
– JK
– Mumzy
– Jaswinder Daghamia
– Roach Killa.

Best Album
– Imran Khan – Unforgettable
– Jaz Dhami – JD
– Jay Sean – All or nothing
– Sukhshinder Shinda – Collaborations 2
– PBN (Punjabi by Nature) – Homegrown

Best Asian Act
– Shizzio
– Jay Sean
– Mumzy
– AG Dolla
– Roach Killa

Best International Act
– Rahat Fateh Khan
– Miss Pooja
– Manohan Waris
– Babbu Mann
– Hadiqa Kiani

Best Single
– Imran Khan – Amplifier
– Jaz Dhami – Tekhe Wali
– JK – Pat Laiya
– Sukhshinder Shinda – Gum Suhm
– Dark MC – Chori Chori
– Jay Sean – Down.

Best Urban Act
– Jay Sean
– ChipMunk
– Tinchy Stryder
– Dizzee Rascal
– Sway
– Bashy

Best Producer
– Rishi Rich
– Aman Hayer
– Eren E
– PBN (Punjabi by Nature)
– Sukhshinder Shinda
– Tru-Skool

Best Alternative Act
– Talvin Singh
– Sukh Knight
– Niraj Chag
– Shiva Soundsystem
– Asian Dub Foundation
– Fusing Naked Beats

Best Male Act
– Imran Khan
– Jaz Dhami
– Jay Sean
– Sukhshinder Shinda
– Malkit Singh
– Angrez Ali

Best Video
– Dark MC – Chori Chori
– Jay Sean – Down
– TajE – B.I.G
– DES-C – Jiska Hasna
– Imran Khan – Amplifier

Best DJ
– DJ H
– DJ Vix
– Jags Klimax
– Punjabi MC
– DJ Gurps
– DJ Kayper

Best Female Act
– Miss Pooja
– Hadiqa Kiani
– Hard Kaur
– Kaz Kumar
– Karen David
– Amar

Best Live Band
– Sukhshinder Shinder + Band
– Alaap
– En Karma
– Jazzy B + Band
– Malkit Singh + Band

After the nominations we decided to see who else we could find mingling, I then spotted a certain pretty face and I couldn’t believe it. It was Jaya. She was walking around trying to make some friends, its hard I know (only kidding). From then on Jaya and another lovely lady who Jaya was with kept bumping into me. Was it on purpose or fate? Since I couldn’t decide I decided to ask the beautiful jaya for a quick interview which she politely excepted and gave. Jaya had explained to us that she has been working hard and the fame still hasn’t sunk in. We asked her some great questions and found oout what to expect for the rest of the year. You can see all on The Mixup. Keep Tuned.
As the day drew to a close we had seen some great people, had some great interviews and had some nice food. But the night was made complete with the bumping into with a crazy chap who went by the name of “Terry Mardi”. He also had a camera on him that was the size of my mobile phone. I don’t know what he was doing with it but we shall find out.

So keep tuned to The Mixup to see loads more great interviews, some great exclusives plus much more, with the biggest and most promising stars this year.

For more interviews from this years Brit Asia nomitions party check see the above video or check out our Youtube channel where we will be releasing more exclusive clips from our noight @ The Brit Asia TV Awards.

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