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Byron – The Hard Worker E.P

Denny Armatrading July 24, 2010 Featured, Music Comments Off on Byron – The Hard Worker E.P

Hailing from the much-maligned town of Slough, Byron’s penchant for witty wordplay and intricate intonation are sure to establish the 23 year old as one of the best in the UK to ever touch a microphone. After 5 successful years as part of Nine High – which produced 2 mixtapes, an album and an Australian tour – Byron also recently dropped his debut solo project Jack of None to great critical acclaim.

Clearly not one too rest while the oven is hot, Byron has just released another collection of tracks entitled The Hard Worker E.P.
Consisting of five tracks that showcase Byron’s talent over some familiar backing tracks, including Airplanes by B.O.B and Unthinkable by Alicia Keys.

Full of excellent wordplay and lyricism that fans of Byron will be accustomed to, this also poses as a great introduction to Byron as an artist.
With familiar instrumentals, it may be the case Byron is slightly pushing towards a more mainstream stance as most artists have to as their career progresses.

What Byron has been able to do though is strike a good balance between “Keepin’ It Real” and making his tracks more accessible.
Striking a balance between the two markets is often a time in many “urban” artists careers when they would be better off with a Tom Tom than a mic, as it a road they often get lost down.
Byron has done a great job on this E.P. in choosing tracks that should extend his listening audience but at the same managing to more than satisfy his current fan base.

I recently copied The Hard Worker E.P onto CD for a female friend and she has already stated that she prefers the cover of Airplanes that Byron has recorded over the orignal.
This sort of compliment bodes well for the Byron’s future and i would bet money on Byron having a big one.

The only thing i would say is that by the fact that it is an E.P it is a little short. So when you crave more from Byron, his full length CD is available for download and purchase on Itunes and at UKRecordShop. A purchase you won’t be disappointed with.

Final Word:
It’s often said that if an album has 3 or four good tracks on it – then you can consider a decent album. Byron’s Hard Worker E.P. gives you five banging tracks so by the same definition i guess i could call this collection of tracks GREAT.

It’s Great & its’ Free – Is there any excuse not to download this.
Short but very sweet

Check out a couple of the tracks below:

If I Had A Penny

Click here to download The Hard Worker E.P.

The Hard worker E.P.

Byron - Jack of None

Jack of None

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