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Diversidad: The Experience

Denny Armatrading March 3, 2011 Featured, Music No Comments on Diversidad: The Experience

Diversidad dropped their highly anticipated album on February 14th
And 1st March in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.
With more than enough time to fully absorb “The Experience Album” here is our review as promised.

Firstly, many in the UK wont know about Diversidad, but you really need to get to know.

This is probably one of Europes most ambitious Hip Hop or even urban music projects that I can think of and here’s why….

Diversidad are made of of 20 MC’s, Singers, Rappers, DJs, producers, Scratch masters and more, from12 different countries from around Europe.
This courageous and creative album is made up of 9 languages yet still manages to keep its essence so true to hip hops roots.

With so many involved and each being a leading member of the hip hop community in their respective countries, it would have been easy to get a bit of too many chef’s spoil the broth situation.

Fortunatley it seems that all involved have gelled incredibly well and have created a highly ambitious and quite amazing album.

Hip hop is made up of many different aspects and that’s what helps this album to shine. If the language barrier ever gets in the way you can still feel the song in so many other ways. The production, the use of scratches, infact the way the whole thing has been put together.

The Diversidad experience doesn’t stop their either. It wouldn’t be much of an “experience” with just an album. A good album at that but still another album.

What sets Diversidad apart and adds to the experience is the other forms of media the group have used to express “hip hop”. This can be best experience on their website but includes things such as high quality recorded webisodes (Diversidad Movie Series), great art pieces, a couple of great music videos and put together in a sort of comic book super hero style.

The tracks on the album are all produced well with DJ Premiere influenced and well crafted beats.
While I don’t think there are any stand out tracks (they are all great and each will have their on favourites) The title track “The Experience” and “On My Way” really provide a good contrast of what this album offers.

In a time when it’s easier to pay for a top ranking featured artist than to put in the time to be original and courageous. The Experience ups the ante for others to follow and will hopefully inspire others as it has me to push and achieve what others may think undoable. 20 Artist, 12 Countries, 9 Languages sure doesn’t sound like an easy ride but The Experience is proof hard work and time can pay off with excellent results.

Review score: 4.5/5

Catch up with all the latest information on this European Urban Super Group at their official website

Executive Producers:
Curse (Germany)
Spike Miller (France)
Philippe Amir (France)

Curse (Germany), Marcus Price (Sweden), Orelsan
(France), Rival (Belgium), Luche from Co’ Sang (Italy), Frenkie
(Bosnia and Herzegovina), GMBisGeryMendes (The Netherlands),
Valete (Portugal), Pitcho (Belgium), Nach (Spain), Mariama
(Germany), MC Melodee from La Melodia (The Netherlands), Remi
and Shot from Elemental (Croatia)

Spike Miller (France), C.H.I (Luxembourg),
Cookin’Soul (Spain), Eversor (Greece)

DJ Cut Killer (France)

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