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En Karma – Album Review

Denny Armatrading September 20, 2010 Featured, Music Comments Off on En Karma – Album Review

En Karma

I was very excited to listen to the eagerly awaited debut album from En Karma. The album has 16 tracks and each one caters for every occasion. What’s really good is that every track is unique, all done with live instruments.

Listening to the album reminds me of bands such as Heera, Apana Sangeet, and Alaap who were all about bringing people together, En Karma have brought back old school live bands and revamped it with a twist of western fusion.

The album features H dhami who stepped into the scene last year. By listening to the track and watching the video you get the feeling he enjoyed working with en karma. This track is definitely a international collaboration, check out the video Tere Bina Nahi Nachna ft H dham and let us know what you think.

The album has everything from up beat dance tracks to slow folk songs.

The track Aajo Aapan Nach Laiye has a very “live band” feel. It’s Bhangra with an upbeat fresh twist. There is a live feel about the song as if your hearing everything been performed live on the stage. Definitely a track that you can see being played at a wedding.

One of my personal favourites is Holi Bol. It starts off slow and your not sure what to expect when you first here but then it drops, kinda reminds me of Back Street Boys from back in the day. Its very mellow, its not one of those you will be able to dance to in a club but definitely a track you have on in the background or while your driving.

Another favourite is Diyan Boliyan. This was actually the first track I ever heard from the En Karma boys. This is definitely one you will be able to get up and “twist the light bulbs” to and even if you don’t want to you may find it hard not to join in.

Inder Kooner is truly a talented vocalist and is complimented really well with the other members of the bands.

If you loved songs like Heera: Maar Chadappa, you will love this album. This album is something that caters for all Bhangra lovers .

Overall I will give En Karma an 8/10 for bringing an album out that has something that everyone will like, not just something that has a lot of people rapping over a bhangra track.
They have stayed true to their roots and think for a debut album they boys haven’t done too bad.

Rating 8/10

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