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Enter The Battle: Akai

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Enter the Battle brings together Street dancers, Extreme Martial Artists, Breakdancers and Trickers and For the first time EVER will battle it out on one stage to be crowned Enter The Battle champions.

In a show sure that is sure to be packed with amazing performances and thrills it’s one not to be missed.

In the run up to one of the UK’s biggest and most exciting dance events this year, Enter the Battle. The Mixup will be profiling several of the events biggest stars.

First up we are proud to bring you our interview with Akai:
With The Mixup questions in normal text and Akai’s answers in Bold Blue.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
I’m Akai, I’m a street dancer and the winner of 2010 Sky One’s Got To Dance

2. How did you get into dancing and is there anyone you look up to?
I Got into street dancing after watching you got Served when I was younger, as a performer I look upto Michael Jackson.

3. You won the last series of Sky One’s Got To Dance – a nationwide dance contest. How did that feel for you, were you confident of having a chance to win when you first entered?
At first I didn’t think I’d win but every time I performed I was more confident. By the Semi-finals I wasn’t nervous at all.

4. What was it like performing in front of well known judges, like Asley from Diversity?
It was fun to dance in front of the judges, it was really fun and I could take their comments on board.

5. Clearly you’re a great dancer but now your officially one of the best dancers in the UK and one of the most famous? Did you or friends and family actually know just how good you were?
Only my close family as they had seen me and had come to smaller street dancing competitions with me before. But like my uncles and aunties they didn’t know, only my immediate family.

6. So since winning Got To Dance – what else have you been up to?
I’ve been doing lot’s of special appearances , I’ve done Into The Hoods, it’s been quite hectic but has opened up lots more opportunities.

7. Your also still at school. Have things changed much at school, how people treat you etc… Has anyone challenged you to a dance off?
Yeah, lots of people have asked to dance challenge me in school and even in secondary school where a lot are much older.
I bet you still win? Yeah (giggles)

8. Other than street dancing which you love, what else does Akai enjoy doing in his spare time?
I’ve recently started learning to play the Piano and started taking tap dancing lessons. I really enjoy that oh and I also play basketball on the school team.

9. You also appeared in a music video with N-Dubz, what was that like working along side N-Dubz and many other dancers?
Really good, I got along with everyone and it was really fun hanging with everyone backstage

10. And Enter The Battle at the O2, It’s going to be a huge event, how did you get involved and will what can we expect from you?
My mum and dad know one of the organisers and he spoke them and really wanted me in it.

11. Is there any other performer your looking forward to seeing at Enter The battle?
Everyone, seen some of them before at other shows I’ve done and can’t wait to see them again as I’ve become friends with some of them.

12. Finally, What can we be expecting from Akai in the near future – rumour has it you may be in the next Street Dance 3D movie?
I maybe appearing in the next Street Dance movie, I’m gonna be in the Horrid Henry new 3D movie. Not sure when it’s out but I start filming in December.
I’m doing children in need next month, I’m really excited about that.
I would like to do some more west end show and films.


Streetdance vs Extreme Martial Arts vs Breakdance vs Tricking… It’s time to Enter The Battle! It’s Time to Enter the Competition!

The Mixup have teamed up with Enter The Battle and MMPR to give a lucky reader the chance to win a pair of tickets to this exciting event.
For a chance to win answer the following question:

What was the name of the TV talent show which street dancer Akai won in 2010:

A) I Love To Dance
B) So You Think You Can Dance
C) Got To Dance

Leave your answers in the comments box below and we will notify the winner via email.
closing date for entries is Sunday November 21st.

Akai Street Dancer

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