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Film Review: Brooklyn’s Finest

AaronBurdette83 June 23, 2010 Films Comments Off on Film Review: Brooklyn’s Finest

A blend of action/crime directed by Antoine Fuqua, the director of the hit move Shooter.
In my eyes this movie was a let down by a mile. There were some stages where the storyline picked up but it then slowly dropped back down again. Each time it dropped it seemed it took even longer to pick up again.

It seems they wanted to show the audiences the true side of Brooklyn, how hard a cop’s life is and
what they have to go threw to survive each day of their life.
You would have thought three police officers and three different views, would have made this movie amazing. To put it simply it didn’t.

I expected a lot more from this movie. The film was never about non-stop action, it had a story to tell but the story it was telling was not told right.
This movie was ok, but from the trailer I was looking forward to some big twist akin to that in the movie The Departed.
Sadly the movie did not do this trailer justice. That’s right! The movie didn’t do the trailer justices and the twists never came.

Would I recommend this movie to watch? Sadly in the middle of summer with blockbuster movies being released every week, I would have to say no. Catching it on DVD may be a safer option.
I think they tried to make a movie like the hit movie Crash but failed miserably.
In Crash the storyline slowly came together but in Brooklyn’s Finest you never quite feel like it really does. A very sad let down from a movie that had the potential to be great. The true side of Brooklyn clearly has cinema worthy stories to tell but unfortunately it doesn’t get to choose who tells them.

Director: Antoine Fuqua
Written: Michael C. Martin
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Starring: Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke, Wesley Snipes

Tag: Crime, Sex, Drugs. Only in Brooklyn

Spoiler Alert

Brooklyn’s Finest revolves around three New York police officers. Eddie is a patrolman played by (Richard Gere) who only has seven days left before he gives up his badge. He’s a lonely man who’s wife has left him and every night he wake with a nightmare.
Eddie sleeps with a gun on his bedside table every night, putting it in his mouth and pulling the trigger, though never with the gun loaded.
He has seen it all, and has become so distraught with life that he must find some reason each day to live.

Seven days to go, Eddie is assigned to a training program where he has to try the newbie. Not wanting to take the job he has it forced upon him.
The rookie cop tells Eddie how he loves being a cop and has wanted to be since he was a kid but Eddie doesn’t care.

During their drive Eddie makes a pit stop and tells the rookie to stay in the car. As he goes in to the shop, while the rookie sits in the car, he notices a couple arguing and the man hits the women. The rookie gets out to stop what’s happening but the man doesn’t care about the cop so they start arguing.
Eddie comes out of the shop and pulls the rookie away, shouting at him, telling him it’s not our concern. We are 65 precinct and this is 64 so we do not interfere. Further down the line Eddie and the rookie cop are in a cafe and the rookie say to him how can you stand and watch someone get assaulted and do nothing, you’re a police officer? Eddie tells him that this work takes a lot out of you, what you don’t want to do is take it home with you thinking of what you could have done or what if. The rookie disgusted in what he hears, gets up and leaves.

The next day Eddie is at his car and a new rookie comes up to him saying he has been resigned to him and that he didn’t know why they keep switching us. Eddie tells the new rookie to get in the car as he watched the old rookie with another Sergeant driving away. Eddie gets a call and makes a stop at a shop where a man had stopped a boy from steeling. Eddie and the new rookie question everyone and Eddie leave the store to check the boys details leaving the new rookie in charge. As he is checking the details outside the new rookie is finding it hard to control the crowd and to calm it down.
He withdraws his gun, grabs a boy, then pushes him to the floor putting the gun to his head.
The boy screams saying he hasn’t done anything, Eddie sees what’s going on and runs in but he is to late as the new rookie shoots the boy in the head.

Undercover cop Tango played by (Don Cheadle) has been on the streets too long. He has crossed that line where he no longer knows if he’s a police officer or a gangster. Each week tango goes to see his sergeant and pleads to him to give him his life back, that he wants a tie and desk job. The sergeant tells him he’s working on it, he just needs more time.
Tango asks if there is any word from his wife. The sergeant hands him a letter which states his wife has filed for divorce. Tango doesn’t say a word and carries on eating his food.

Later that day tango goes to a bar that is full of gang members, where he bumps into this guy and starts to argue. All the gangsters are ready to pull their guns out on Tango but as the argument progresses the two men hug each other. It is Tango’s childhood friend know as Caz (Wesley snipes), the drug kingpin.
At the next meeting tango goes to see his sergeant and notices that there’s a lady sitting with him. He goes and sits next to them and they talk. The lady thanks Tango for all the work he has been doing. She tells Tango that everything is getting out of control. Cops are killing the wrong people, including children. Yhr lady explains she’s come up with a plan to set up a well-known person so the public can take their eyes off the bad cops and look at the new cop image. She gives Tango a file and to his shock it’s his best friend Caz.
Tango tells the women where to go and storms out. The women, furious, storms after him asking him who the hell he thinks he is. She then threatens him. Tango responds then leaves with his sergeant following him. Stopping him, say I know hes you friend but this is your break, after this your done.
He tells his sergeant he can’t do it, that Caz saved his life. He walks off and the sergeant shouts if you do this, you make detective first grade.

Sal (Ethan Hawke) is a narcotics cop who is under pressure to provide a healthy home for his pregnant wife who is expecting twins as well as having two other children.
Sal realizes that the only way to get the money is to do a drug bust and steal the drug money.
With the stress getting to him the pressure is on to provide better for his family.
Shortly new orders come through in taking down a drug organization and a team is assembled to take them down. Sal sees it as a chance to get money. As the bust take place Sal is only interested in one thing. They take on the block arresting many and killing some. Sal grabs a guy and asks him where the money is? The guy says there is no money. Sal then looks outside the window and sees a guy running and pursues him.
Finally catching him, Sal beats him up asking for the money and he radios in telling his men the suspect got away. Sal grabs the bag opening it to find no money just nappies. He lets the man go.

A few days go by and Sal receives a phone call. It’s his wife in hospital. He hurries to the hospital to find out that his wife’s life is at risk and that one of the babies is smaller than the other. The doctor tells him that the mould on his house walls is affecting his wife’s Asthma which is making it hard for her to cope with the pregnancy. The doctor asks him have you thought about moving house. Sal looks at him angrily and tells him he is. Sal now knows he has to do anything no matter what it is to get the money needed.

In the end, all three police officers paths will cross.

Rating: 4.0/10

Some comments from fellow cinema goers:
In Reena Sehdev words this move was just wish washy and was better of watching a Bollywood film. Sunjeev ladhar stated that this movie was alright followed by Shivata Thind saying it was a good film but too long!! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK….

By Harminder Purewal

Brooklyn's Finest

Brooklyn's Finest

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