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Film Review: The Collector

Denny Armatrading July 2, 2010 Films No Comments on Film Review: The Collector

Review The Collector

Rating: 18

UK Release Date: 25th June 2010

Directed by Marcus Dunstan, the man who helped write the Saw films, produces a piece of art with
The Collector. I had no idea what I was getting myself into going to watch this film. Let just say the trailer does a good job of disguising what it’s really about. The suspense of it all kept me on edge. I really liked the concept of the whole film based in one location similar to the film “Phone Booth”.

I was wildly entertained during this film, due to the film itself and because of the person screaming next to me. I won’t lie, this film did seem to have noticeable influence of the film Saw, but had its element to define on its own merit. From beginning to end it did not disappoint. I would recommend this film. I just hope if they decide on a second one it does not disappoint in anyway.
I also loved the elemental traps hidden away where you can’t see them

Marcus Dunstan

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan

Genre: Crime, horror/thriller

Starring: Josh Stewart, Michael Reilly Burke, Andrea Roth, Juan Fernandez

Tag: No matter what, there will be always be one

Spoiler Alert

The chase family move out of the city to the middle of nowhere. They have a beautiful house and have hired a number of people to do some work on so it can be securely liveable. One of those worker is Arkin (Josh Stewart), a handy man that has been working on the house for months and who has got to know most of the family quite well. While Arkin is working in the house he is approached by a little girl who tells him to come and play tea cup with her. Arkin does and as they are playing the girl drinks here make believe tea when Arkin see a spider on the cup. He tries to get it and the girl screams, the father walks in and ask what he is doing there. Arkin tells the father he has a little girl of his own and she asked to play so you know how it is.

Later that day Arkin in smoking in the truck and he is approached by the elder daughter Lisa (Daniella Alonso). Lisa asks Arkin for a pull on the cigarette.
Lisa goes back towards the house where through the window her mother is waiting for her. They argue about how Lisa is not going on the family vacation.
While the father is packing up the car he gives Arkin his days wages and tells him there a bit more in there for his daughter and that they will see him in few weeks.

Later that night Arkin got to see his daughter and gives her a present. His wife comes out and asks him if he has it.
They then go back in to the kitchen and Arkin give her an envelope, she tells him it is not enough and that he said he would get the money by today. She tells him that he will take the daughter and leave because she has loan sharks on her back. Arkin promise to get the money tonight, he just asks his wife to give him until mid night. Then he leaves the dinner and goes to a pay phone making a call, telling the other person it goes down tonight. The person on the side say knows the arrangment to meet Arkin.
Sitting in the truck with man who was on the other side of the phone, Arkin tells him that the job is going to happen tonight. The man tells him no, but Arkin Keeps telling him it’s happening tonight. Arkin then says that he wants a 50/50 spilt and the man grabs Arkin hand and starts to burn it with an lighter. Arkin says he got no one else that can to the job better them him. So the man agrees to Arkin’s term and agree to let him do the job tonight.

Arkin arrives at the Chases house and puts on a mask while slowly approaching the house. Walking along he is attacked by a dog, a dog that was never there before.
Making his way into to the house, he walks up the stairs where one step makes a sound. He slowly approaches the bedroom and behind the mirror is what he is after, the safe.
Getting his equipment out he starts to break into the safe. As he does this someone comes through the front door. Arkin stops, then but carries on trying to break the safe.
The person makes there way up the stairs and steps on the one step that makes that sound.
Arkin hears it and packs everything up, he know the house really well so he goes in to the next room. The man comes up to the door then listens and carries on going. Arkin then hurries down to the front door but it is locked, he then makes his way into the living room and cuts his face on a thin wire.
Arkin then approaches the window to find it boarded up. He puts his hand between the gap but a blade comes down and cuts his hand.
In pain after trying to pull his hand free, he realises the whole house is a trap and there is no way out. The man slowly makes his way to the basement and Arkin make his way up to find another way out. He decides to have another crack on the safe. Then through the house air vent he hears a man screaming. The screaming man breaks out making his way from the basement to up stairs, Arkin hides in the closest peaking through the door he sees the man and the man is Mr Chase.
Mr Chase sees him and says to Arkin why is he doing this to him and his family. Mr. Chase gets up covered in blood and reaches for the fire rod to hit Arkin with but as he grabs it, it’s another trap setup in the house. The trap pull Mr Chase back downstairs and into the basement. At this point Arkin knew that the Chase family never went on vacation and that they are all here in the house with another man. He can either save them or save himself.

Rating 8/10

Review written by Harminder Purewal

The Collector

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