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Film Review: The Rebound

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Review The Rebound

Written and directed by Bart Freundlich and starring Catherine Zeta-Jones. Zeta-Jones plays a woman named Sandy. Sandy falls for a younger guy called Aram Finklestein, played by Justin Bartha (from the massive hit movie The Hangover). They come together in a comedy romance that asks the question “Is age just a number?” Expecting the typical run of the mill rom/com, I actually thought this movie was quite good. There were some points in it where it was a bit slow, but it soon picked up followed by a lot of funny moments. The cast was great including the two children whom I think play a big part in making this as enjoyable as it was.

I know this sort of film has been done before but I think this has something different, something I would recommend you seeing. Let just say I’m glad this film worked out well. From the beginning of the movie it’s quite clear where it’s going. There wasn’t much suspense but overall I would recommend it for a couple’s night out.

To all the girls out there If you think the guy sitting next to you is the one for you, if you think he loves you so and will do anything for you, if you truly thinks he the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, ask your boyfriend to watch the rebound with you and Mark him against Justin Bartha’s character.

Director: Bart Freundlich

Writer: Bart Freundlich

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Starring: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Justin Bartha, Joanna Gleason, Lynn Whitfield

Tag: Is age just a number


Sandy is a woman in her forties, about to give up her life and become a proud house wife. Sadly, it’s not meant to be. Sandy finds her husband cheating on her so she packs her bags and leaves her husband with her two children for the city. Finding it hard and not knowing what to do, Sandy applies for a job as a sports broadcaster. Sandy gets the job. She then goes flat hunting and finds a room above a coffee shop. This is where she meets Aram Finklestein (Justin Bartha). Aram Finnklestein works in the coffee shop and they meet when Sandy is enquiring about the flat above.

Aram finklesterin is twenty, five he was also married to a beautiful French women. Sadly she left him. She was only with him for the green card. She truly wanted to be with another man who was also introduced as her brother. Every day he would go home, watch a French movie, eat ice cream, feeling sad. But this wasn’t the only problem, Aram had his upper class parents who are on his case about him doing a “girls degree” in sociology, and saying that he should go find good job and stop wasting his time. Aram is happy with what he’s doing so follows his heart and finds a job, a job where he can help people.

Few days had past and sandy was walking home from school with her kids. They see an old man going through trash for food. The boy gets scared and Sandy tells him to be nice as they walk past. The old man is wearing a long coat and opens it revealing “something” to the family. Sandy covers the boy and girls eyes and quickly runs past him. This is when she decides the need to learn a few moves and should be able to protect herself and kids. She decides to take her and the kids to self defence class.

Aram gets a phone call from his new job asking him if he could help them. After arriving he is told to wear his clothes and start working. Sandy arrives at the defence class with her kids and watches as the sensei woman tells the women to realease their anger and asks a volunteer so sandy put her hand up the children scream no but sandy steps forward, the sensei tell sandy to take your anger out on this. THIS being Aram dressed in a sumo suit. Sandy goes wild and crazy thinking about all the things she wants to say to her husband. She takes it out on Aram in the suit, beating Aram to a pulp. Both then lie on the floor with Sandy on top of him. She looks at him and says “do I know you”?

Later that day Sandy comes to the coffee shop to see Aram, giving him a gift after she beat the hell out of him. She asks him if she could take him up on the offer of babysitting as she has decided to go on a date. Aram being who he is says yes.

Later that night Sandy is a dressed to impress. She thanks Aram and then leaves for her date. The man she is meeting is great, they talk and walk making sandy feel comfortable. They come to a halt and look into each others eyes. They kiss but the man stops kissing Sandy because something else catches his eye. It’s a toilet box and without saying word in he steps and shuts the door to do his business. Sandy feeling sick to the bone as the man is on the toilet whilst still trying to talk to her at the same time. Sandy knew there and then this date wasn’t going to work. Returning back to the flat she sits down with a drink and starts telling Aram about how bad it was. She didn’t even have the money to pay him.

Every date Sandy then went on, Aram baby-sits for her and every date that doesn’t work the closer they get until they go on a date of their own.

Rating 7.0/10

Review By Harminder Purewal

The Rebound 2010

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