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Published on September 17th, 2010 | by Denny Armatrading


Halo: Reach

Now while video games are not something that we regularly cover a title the likes of Halo: Reach deserves more than a mention. Not merely a video game but a cultural phenomenon, having spawned comics, action figures, t-shirts, amine’s and a shortly a movie.

Released on Tuesday 14th September, After only 24hrs on sale the game had reportedly sold over 3 million copies worldwide making it one of the biggest single format entertainment releases in history.

Microsoft has pulled all the punches in the run up to its launch including some fancy PR spectacles which have included a Spartan (The name of Halo’s super soldier characters) flying using a jet pack around Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square.

With shipments for the week likely to come in at over 4 million units sold, Microsoft has another sure fire blockbuster to add to their collection.

The story of halo is that of a typical Sci-Fi affair.
An alien race known as The Covenant have attacked the human colonies and an interstellar was kicks off.

Halo though adds to this with a deep and developing story line and characters that you grow attached to.

Halo: Reach is the 6th Halo game to be released by Microsoft. It is the 4th in the main series and is in fact a prequel to the games that have come before it.

Reach is a planet inhabited by humans that is destroyed by the covenant. This game plays through The Planet Reach’s last days.

Enjoy the trailer above.
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VG CHARTZ Score: 9.6/10

To win a copy of Halo: Reach – Simply answer the question below.

In the game Halo 3:ODST, what does ‘ODST’ stand for?

a) Orbital Dual Support Tactics
b) Orbital Drop Shock Trooper
c) Orbital Drop Spartan Team
d) Orbital Dual Spartan Terminators

Leave your answer below in the comments section. Choose A B C or D. We will pick a winner at random and notify the winner by email.

halo: Reach Pal box art

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