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Industry Takeover – Music & Politics

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Urban Development’s Industry Takeover 3: Talking the Hardest – Music and Politics

February 3rd 2011, Urban Developments Industry Takeover 3 event took over the Rich Mix venue in Shoreditch.

Industry Takeover is all about empowering the next generation of emcees, singers, DJs and young music industry professionals.
Industry Takeover offers edutainment and networking opportunities to industry-minded youth from across the UK.

This months topic was Music & Politics – And as one of the panel members stated this can sometimes be like oil and water – but on many other occasion like bread and butter.

On the panel this months was:
Austin Daboh -1Xtra Music manager
Fusion – Former MTV Base Presenter, Teacher, Producer, Entrepeneur
Ghetts – Grime Artist
Jody Mcintyre – Poet, Writer, Political Activist
Helen Bray – Communications Manager at the Office for National Statistics
Hosted by Chantelle Fiddy of RWD magazine

The night discussed many important issues but the heat got turned up a notch when Jody McIntyre spoke passionately about The Census and their contract with Lockheed Martin. Explaining that not only is Lockheed Martin one of worlds largest munitions companies they are also and American company. This means they are subject to the American patriot act that requires any American company to provide requested data to the CIA upon request. Thus if Lockheed Martin are handling our data there may be a risk of the CIA requesting this data and using it for their own means.

Helen Bray from The Office for National Statistics was on hand to represent The Census and counter that many measures have been put in place to ensure that our data was safe. With regards to the use of the worlds second largest arms company, Not much could be defended other than stating that that is a different department within a huge organisation.

The panel spoke with for and against for The Census. With everyone throwing in good points. One in particular from Fusion was that if the people didn’t feel so disenfranchised with the government they would have any objections to handing their information over to them.

Ghetts and Jody Mcintyre

Jody then went on to ask if upon the recruitment of Ghetts by The Census. Did they make Ghetts aware of these points. To which Ghetts admitted to “learning new things today”.

Ghetts went on to explain the reason he agreed to allow his music to be used to help The Census to reach out to the youth market, explaining that he himself didn’t know what The Census was and upon asking some of his peers he realised that many of them also didn’t know so thought it a good idea to help educate the youth.

As the evening progressed the topic of why more musicians with a stronger/political message were not played on radio and BBC 1Xtra in particular (due to the fact that the BBC1Xtra music manager Austin Daboh was a member of the panel) became the main topic of conversation.

It was during this segment of thenight that an audience member stated that he doesn’t see any young musicians out there today giving a positive message to the youth of today.
With Ghetts on stage as part of the panel – he felt it was his duty to defend his peers and stated that there were numerous and the audience member in question had not done his research prior to asking the question (This moment got slightly more heated than I have described but highlights can be seen as part of the Ghetts interview).

The first half of the night (The Discussion) finished with all of the panel members giving their final statements with each one airing their views (and each being very valid).

As is tradition at Urban Development’s Industry Takeover the second half of the event is dedicated to showcasing the finest talent from the UK’s urban scene.
In recent months this has include the likes of Soneni, MC Versatile and fast rising talented artist from Wolverhampton, Tenny Ten.

This time round we were privelaged to have perfromaces from
Rosie Greenwood, Logic and Big Cakes, the Beautiful Baby Sol and of course the man himself, Ghetts, who was the closing act.

Ghetts came on stage and performed some of his recent tracks including Artillery, Don’t Phone Me and Skadoosh as he brought out friends and fellow supporting MCs.

As is the norm at Urban Development’s Industry Takeover, the night was enjoyed by all with plenty given to think about and possibly no one leaving without adding to their music business knowledge.
All in all another night of wonderful EDUTAINMENT put together by Urban Development.

The next of Urban Development’s Industry Takeover events will be held on 3rd March 2011. For more info check out the Urban Development website.

Win tickets to The Industry Takeover All Day event on 16th April 2011. Simply tell us in the comments sections, contact us page or via email why you should be chosen to go along to one of the best industry and consumer music events in London.

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