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Published on October 7th, 2010 | by Denny Armatrading


JC & Young Sten vs Corrosive & Stutz

JC Young Sten vs Stutz Corrosive

It started with some facebook comment and has escalated into a full scale MCing Clash. Word spread to member of The Mixup Staff and we followed it’s progression on facebook with nearly 100 comments and growing.

Slough Town resides barely 3 miles west of London’s most westerly borough, Hillingdon. It is one of the most ethnically diverse towns in the UK.

With such an immense mixture of cultures both in slough and surrounding it artists who reside there have a wide pool of resources from which to draw upon for inspiration.

Courtesy of SYPC (Slough Young People’s Centre) they arranged so the clash could take place in moderated conditions and no stupidness that can so often follow these sort of events when held on the street.

Many thanks to the SYPC.

Check out the battle below and leave your comments and verdict. Go to the YouTube page – leave your comments and verdicts – Go tell a friend to tell a friend to check it out and leave your comments and verdicts.





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49 Responses to JC & Young Sten vs Corrosive & Stutz

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  3. Stutz says:

    Manic, its not someone shoutin oi sten its me shoutin “oi Slim” because sten indirected him when he wernt even in the building n if he was it wud have been a different story. just thought id clear that up.

  4. Manic says:

    Sten’s Last verse was the one! Direct, Addressed the issues, you could tell there was history beween him and the next bre stutz bre an he dealt wid it and put him in his place sick. So hardddd it had mans from outside getting mad, Oi Sten, Oi Sten, who was that? LMAO

    – make your name off of us cause your work Lax.

  5. sL!mstarr (FKA) marga says:

    look out on sbtv murco redkoatz doin dis watch out new vids comin soon weda hardest fuck dis beef u lot are both hard music ting is ours on dis redkoated alll day f wat u herd rrrrrrrrkaaaaaay!

  6. M.Fazz says:

    JC & Young Sten won

    look out for Young Sten’s Second Cd out soon
    who ever wins this clash doesn’t really effect these two.. cause we all know in the long run
    who’s gonna will make it

  7. sl!mstarr says:

    Can any1 explain stens bar wen he sez I’m 2 lyk a pair is I know a pairs 2 but how are u 2 lyk a pair is lol

  8. drastik says:

    yea stutz n corrosive win dis ting still

  9. sL!mstarr (FKA) marga says:

    stutz n corrow win but sten went arrd round 3 but indirected me wen evry1 no’s im 10000000000000000000 times betta den him jc has got flow but if u listen sumtyms he jus sez fings 2 make dem rhyme even if it dont make sense and dats jus wack i would lyrically eat dem both

  10. Kyle says:

    Im gonna be so honest, its clearly obviouse that JC and Young sten won this clash, they had the best punchlines, they look so natural doing it, and i can hear what they are saying. i think votes for corrow and stutz shouldnt even count cause you can truely tell its jus their mates lickin their asses, cause they don’t even have reasons why they vote for corrow and stutz.

    Shout out to JC and Young sten, YOU WIN!!

  11. James says:

    JC and Young sten are the ONES!!! are you dizzie! haha how can a guy that naturally does rap music, spits with an american accent, and isn’t even from england originally, BUN OFF TWO ENGLISH PRICKS AT THEIR OWN GAME!!! and YOUNG STEN SMASHED IT IN THE FINAL ROUND!

  12. Nicco says:

    Stutz And Corrow

  13. Nikkiee says:

    Da First Two Rounds Wasnt Really Clashin But Over All Stutz And Corrosivee

  14. matthew says:

    jc and young sten got my vote they won hands down.
    jc and young sten are well known even stutz sings along 2 jc’s lyrics.
    carrosive and stutz never heard of them
    big boy bars

  15. Joshuaa says:

    Stutz And Corosive Were Going in so Jc and youngsten Can Quit Right now Stutz and Coro all day

  16. kyle says:

    dis was sik but i aint sure who won

  17. Opn says:

    A lot of it was Sarah Marshall (forgettable). Spitting random uncomprehendable bars at a battle = FAIL. Your co d knowing your bars better than you do = FAIL. Bars directed at someone you are NOT battling = FAIL. Reading from a phone = FAIL, choking not once but 3 times while READING bars = FAIL. Not finishing the bar in question = FAIL. Dick riding fans who can’t see you lost = FAIL.

    Verdict: JC
    Honorable mention: YS
    Fukoudaherewidatbullshit: Random Crack Heads

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-f46UYRzV8 < fast forward to 3 miutes

  18. pete says:

    sten and jc

  19. hpd says:

    jc and sten allday

  20. Sarah says:

    Corrosive… Stutz is shit but I’m backing Corrosive so therfore Stutz and Corrosive

  21. Ryder says:

    Stutz And Corosivee All Dayy Lonnggggg Bruvv

  22. Marcus says:

    Stutz And Corosivee All Day Brudda

  23. Paulinaaa says:

    Stutzz Andd Corosivee All Day Longg Bheee

  24. Paigeee says:

    Stutz And Corosivee Dayy Wentt In On Dis

  25. K.B. says:

    Stutz And Corrosivee They Went In !!!

  26. Explosive says:

    Stutz And Corrow

  27. Rebz says:

    stutz & corrowww

  28. Liam says:

    What You lot saying about jc and sten , there both faggots stutz merked both dem on there own and corrow well none of them could handle him!

  29. Dobe says:

    No Competition
    JC & Sten Went In.

  30. Lara says:

    Stutz and corrosive!

  31. ash says:


  32. Sam says:

    Stutz and coro!

  33. Nodde G says:

    Yo Its Nodde, (If you don’t no know you gonna get to know) Anyway it’s like this JC & Young Sten won da battle hands down, no matter what music Genre it’s all about lyrical content. JC & young Sten had the content and spoke clear. come man a phone with your lyrics on !!! I mean what happened couldn’t he scroll down quick enough to read his lines, I had to look twice that is just wack,even his hype man knew da words LMAO!! Bottom line if you serious about music and know about da game no one in there right mind would vote for da other two, anyone who does has got to be family or friends.

  34. Levi says:

    Stutz And Corosive Straight Up

  35. Ryan says:

    Stutz And Corosiveee

  36. Denzel says:

    I’d say Stutz and Crossive won the First round then it was over for them.
    JC took it with his 2nd and final verse.
    Sten went in hard and took the win on his final verse beyond any doubt.

    3rd round was total fail for Stutz and Crossive. Stutz flopped his lyrics and Crossive pulled out a phone and stil flopped his lyrics.

  37. Johnny says:

    Looks like stutz and his bum boys cant admit they got a pasting, trying to get all his fans to big him up. I don’t see any other rap battles where they read of a phone looooooooooooooooool. JC on his own was 2 much for em. Made me laugh and at least his lyrics could be understood. But yeah, first 2 rounds wasn’t a battle really last round was. As someone said they was airing like someones farts.

  38. gster says:

    jc was too much jc and sten

  39. Kieran says:

    Stutz And Corosive Allday

  40. Kieran says:

    Stutz And Corosive All Day It Dnt Matta If Corrow Red Hes Bars Off Hes Fone And What It Aint Like Nobody Else Has Dun It Before !!!!

  41. jay-louise says:


  42. Toby says:

    Stutz n Corrow all the way

  43. Joker Starr says:


    JC and STEN 3rd ROUND BODY

  44. Gurj says:

    JC & Sten Win Hands Down… Not Even Close…

  45. cameron says:

    stutz went in … jc went in aswell

  46. Jackson says:

    JC and Young Sten annihalated them two. Lyrically shat on them. Them two sound like they’re barking.

  47. Jordon says:

    JC and Young Sten Ripped it they got my vote easily

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