Sunday, May 20, 2018
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JC & Young Sten vs Corrosive & Stutz

JC Young Sten vs Stutz Corrosive

It started with some facebook comment and has escalated into a full scale MCing Clash. Word spread to member of The Mixup Staff and we followed it’s progression on facebook with nearly 100 comments and growing.

Slough Town resides barely 3 miles west of London’s most westerly borough, Hillingdon. It is one of the most ethnically diverse towns in the UK.

With such an immense mixture of cultures both in slough and surrounding it artists who reside there have a wide pool of resources from which to draw upon for inspiration.

Courtesy of SYPC (Slough Young People’s Centre) they arranged so the clash could take place in moderated conditions and no stupidness that can so often follow these sort of events when held on the street.

Many thanks to the SYPC.

Check out the battle below and leave your comments and verdict. Go to the YouTube page – leave your comments and verdicts – Go tell a friend to tell a friend to check it out and leave your comments and verdicts.





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