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Joker Starr – Hip Hop Transition

Denny Armatrading February 2, 2011 Featured, Music Comments Off on Joker Starr – Hip Hop Transition

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Joker Starr’s HIP HOP (TRANSITION) will be available digitally from itunes, emusic,, digital7, amazon and all other digital outlets from January 31st 2011 released on FLUKEBEAT MUSIC.

Many UK hip hop fans already know the name “Joker Starr”. Having performed alongside the likes of Sway, Estelle, Jehst, as well as being a regular in the “Don’t Flop” Rap Battle league. Joker Starr is also responsible for the influential UK underground hip hop smash “Raw Spittage”.

…And for those that don’t, there’s no time better than the present, as Joker Starr has just released his latest single, Hip Hop (Transitions).

This is the first single from his upcoming album, Blood-Ren which at the time of writing has no confirmed release date (so stay tuned).

For those not so familiar with Joker Starr, his style harks back to a time when hip hop was more rhymes, substance and wordplay rather than guest appearances, rims and dance music.
For me there are two types of UK hip hop artists. There are those that follow in the foot steps of the likes of Rodney P, MC D, 57th Dynasty, Skinny Man and the like.
Then there are those that followed the UK Urban Dance” route – these followed the path from Jungle to garage to grime and to the current UK Hip Hop commercial sound. These paths were forged by So Solid, Wiley and with your Chipmunk’s, Tinchy’s and Tinie Tempah’s sitting atop that throne.

Joker Starr is a student of the former and followers may remember his track Exhibit D(iss). A reply track to Smiler’s “Destroy and Rebuild”, In which Smiler went at some old school UK hip hop acts of which Joker is a follower of and indeed even a member of.

Fans familiar with the 90’s hip hop show The Lyricist lounge are likely to appreciate Jokers flipping of words and humour.

A veteran of the UK scene Joker Starr has never seemed to quite break into the mainstream.
To me, someone who remembers Joker Starr’s earlier years in the game, it appears one of the main reasons is the choice he seems to have taken to not dilute his music and lose his integrity by making the formulated music that has flooded our airwaves and sticking to his own style. Though everyone wants to be paid for the work that is put in, it is refreshing in this day and age to see an artist put his integrity and the respect of his peers above the easier routes open to many artists that lead to exposure.

But with much more spotlight being focused on UK Hip Hop artists of all types this may well be Jokers time to carry his momentum built up over recent months to the next level.

The “never-seen veteran’s” latest single is slick lyrics laced over a nice mellow beat, produced by Jehst.
Recently added to our Mixup Playlist, “Transitions” is a chilling nod ya head track that should have both older hip hop fans and younger ones smiling in unison.

Check out the video and leave you comments…
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Joker Starr
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