Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Joker Starr – The Place Called Slough Town

Slough Town is currently producing a horde of young upcoming talent and is definitely a name many more will become used to hearing.

But for those who have been into the UK scene a little longer, you may have already heard the towns name mentioned several times before making you more than aware of what the town has to offer.

Slough Town is the home town of Joker Starr. Having been in and out of the UK scene for over a decade and featured along side the likes of Sway, Estelle, Jehst and many more, he’s always been at the top of the food chain when it comes to raw talent.
Each of the above namedrops could easily testify to Joker Starr’s energy and intricately tangled word play.
Think back to the days of Rawkus records, a pre ‘Extinction Level Event’ Busta Rhymes and The Lyricist Lounge. 57th Dynasty, Falacy and Black Twang and you may get a better idea the lyrical level and style of Joker.

Perhaps a talent from a era gone, but definitely one that is much missed, Joker Starr is still dropping BIG tunes and keeping his flame burning bright.
The track for his latest video pays homage to “The Place Called Slough“.
With the usual smart and skilful wordplay Check out the Video below and leave us your comments.

Check out joker Starrs other videos and more on the Joker Starr Youtube channel
For more on Joker Starr visit his Facebook page.

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