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N.E.R.D – Show Review

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N.E.R.D – Night Club Performance

21st June 2010, It’s a Monday night and N.E.R.D are due to play at Liquid Night Club in Uxbridge.

With the doors opening at 10pm – The Mixup team didn’t arrive until just before midnight having been tipped off by the hosts on what time they actually expect N.E.R.D to arrive (one of the perks of being in the industry;).

We were told to expect them on around 00:30 – 01:00am.
During our wait we checked over our equipment and had ourselves a few drinks while to enjoying what the DJ was playing.


N.E.R.D finally arrived at just after 01:00am minus Chad Hugo.
Shay took the microphone while Pharrell stood slightly behind looking almost like he didn’t’ really want to be there.

You soon realised it was part of his act/style/how he likes to appear (almost nonchalant), because when they kicked into their first song, performing She Wants to Move – Pharrell soon came alive along with Shay and accompanied by one other who’s name I didn’t get.

The Crowd went crazy, and with me right at the front I felt the full force of the crowd clamouring with their out stretched hand wanting to be touched by Shay and Pharrell.


Pharrell teased them by occasionally coming very close to the edge of the stage touching one, maybe two hands and then pulling back, leaving those untouched screaming and even more desperate to be the next one touched.

Upon the completion of She Wants to Move, N.E.R.D then went on to perform their new single from their upcoming album.

And this is where things got a little odd. They didn’t announce the song and I have not been able to find the official title. I’ll call it “Let’s Get Right” as that is repeated in the chorus but again I only know this from going onto their website and listening to it on the flash intro before actually entering the site.

I understand their not the most stream band but they were not performing to the “hardcore” N.E.R.D audience that would appreciate their behaviour. They were performing in Liquid, Uxbridge to a bunch of screaming ‘Pharell’ fans.

Also, by not announcing the name of the track people don’t know what to look out for. I felt they didn’t maximise the potential exposure, including the fact they have a new album out shortly and a new single. In fact the new album never got mentioned. But I guess this is their way.

At the end of this song, Pharrell raised his fist in the air as to say thanks and N.E.R.D proceeded to walk off the stage. In the few seconds following people started to realise that was it and a few boo’s could be heard.

Any discontent soon disappeared as Pharrell and co went up into the VIP area to take pictures and sign autographs with fans.

I’m pretty sure they actually spent longer doing this than performing.

I was able to get in a few more shots and Pharrell even posed for me for a few shots before being distracted by the screaming female fans and the large number of male fans insisting on ‘fist bumping’ him.


It wasn’t too much longer before N.E.R.D were scurried away from security and the night simmered back into any other night in an urban music nightclub.

Conclusion: For me, I feel I get N.E.R.D more than most at the event so it felt kind of like a snippet. Like when you get a 30 second snippet of a track. A teaser that leaves you wanting more and it worked, on me.

For those that got a picture, autograph, a hug or even a touch – they all seemed to be ecstatic and could still be heard talking about it to whoever would listen over an hour after it happened.


For those that came to see “Pharrell” I feel they may have left with a slight sour taste in their mouth – only 2 tracks performed with no proper introduction or outro. Many probably don’t own a N.E.R.D album so won’t understand that their more akin to a rock band than your usual Hip Hop Group, in which case their behaviour would be expected. A lot of the crowd came to see “Pharrell” the serial feature, in songs such as Snoop Dogg’s Beautiful, Britney Spears’s Boys or along side Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake.
And it is those fans that I fear were let down slightly, not by presence but by performance and it’s length.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

You can visit the official website of N.E.R.Dby clicking here


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