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Film Review: A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street review 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street directed by Samuel Brayer. When I heard about the remake i was excited that they were going to bring back the classic nightmare that I watched as I grew up. When the cast was announced, I thought it would have be complete as they use a great actor to play Freddy Kruger, Jackie Earle Haley, – (Watchman). He had the voice that fitted the bill. I felt that this was going to be really good movie, then I actually saw it!
This was a movie that a remake was not required. Not only did the movie destroy the legacy of the classic original, but it didn’t even live up to some of its latter and poorer sequels. I think this movie was directed poorly; each character was poorly described, not clearly knowing who was who, jumping scene to scene, not explaining anything.
This clearly shows that this could only be done by a Wes Craven but I’ll give Samuel Brayer the benefit of the doubt as he does at least appear to know his way around a horror scene. He also knows how to destroy an original classic!
The biggest problem is that Freddy wasn’t as scary as Robert Englund’s original Freddy Kruger. The cheap burned face and the really bad latex make-up job didn’t fit the bill.
Would I recommend this movie?

Truthfully, I wouldn’t recommend this movie. It is poor and not worth taking a look at and if you don’t want to destroy the memory of the original I recommend you don’t even take a sneak peak.

Rating 5.6/10

Director: Samuel Bayer
Writers:Wesley Strick (screenplay) and Eric Heisserer (screenplay)…
Genre: Fantasy | Horror | Thriller
Starring: Jackie Earle Haley, Kyle Gallner, Katie Cassidy, Rooney Mara
Tag: stay awake or die

(Spoiler Alert)

Dean Russell (Kellan Lutz) is sitting in a diner. The waitress he asked for walks past. Dean then gets up and follows her into the kitchen where he sees dead animals and the waitress walking around the corner. He then hears a sound behind him, quickly turning around to see the door is swinging. A shadow appears behind him and as Dean turns around to begin his search for the waitress the shadow is gone. Then Dean is woken up by the waitress telling him if he fall asleep again he will be kicked out.

While at the Springwood Diner, Dean’s girlfriend, Kris Fowles (Katie Cassidy), arrives at the diner to see him. When she sees him she notices something is up and asks him what’s wrong. Dean tells her that he hasn’t been sleeping and that he is afraid to sleep. She tells him he needs help and Dean slowly falls asleep at the table. He sees a man appear grabbing him from behind. Dean picks up a knife to stab a man who is covered in burn scars, wearing a red and green sweater and a clawed glove on his hand. The burned man grabs Dean’s hand pushing the knife towards his neck. Kris stands up and cries, begging Dean to stop what he’s doing. The only thing she can see is Dean trying to stab the knife into his own neck. The burned man cuts Dean’s throat in the dream, but in reality it appears that Dean is cutting his own throat.

At Deans funeral Kris is sitting there crying. As her mind slowly starts to wonder she sees a girl at the funeral throwing red flowers into Dean’s grave. As the girls slowly turns Kris sees four claw marks across her dress. An arm comes out of the grave and pulls the girl in. Kris awakes from here daydream, with her mother asking if she was ok. As the funeral comes to an end Kris gets up and walks toward Dean’s picture. she notices a photograph of her and Dean as children, but cannot recall ever knowing Dean before high school. When getting home she asks her mom about Dean and if they went to school together. Her mother denies it tells her no!

Kris begins to dream about the burned man herself and refuses to go to sleep for fear that she will die in her dreams. As she goes to close her bed room window Jesse Braun (Thomas Dekker), Kris’s ex-boyfriend, shows up and they start to talk. Realizing they are having the same dreams, Kris asks him to stay the night and keep her company while she sleeps, but when Kris fall asleep she sealed her fate. She sees the burned man in her dreams and she struggles to fight him off. Jesse then wakes up and watches as Kris is murdered. Covered in blood, Jesse runs to Nancy’s house to try to explain what happened and he learns that Nancy has been having the same dreams about the same man; that man’s name is Freddy.

Review Written By Harminder Purewal

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