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Olivia Olson

Denny Armatrading November 25, 2010 Editorials, Features, Music Comments Off on Olivia Olson

Olivia olson

Watch this space…

Randomly this morning I Youtubed (still unsure whether that is a verb) the late Lyndon David Hall’s performance of the Beatles classic ‘All You Need is Love’ from the 2003 film Love Actually. Why that performance came to my head I will never know. But I’m glad it did as it reminded me of another memorable performance from the same film, by a then ten year old Olivia Olson.
At the time I remember watching her scene stealing performance of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ and thinking “that’s not her voice, it can’t be”. Turns out I was wrong, it was her voice! Not only was that her voice, it had been altered by the director (Richard Curtis) who deemed her original voice too unbelievable for that of a 10 year old. So, amazing voice, aged 10, featured in the one of the biggest films of that year, surely destined for the top you’d think…
Unfortunately the answer is no. Alas we live in a world where a pair of talentless peroxide blonde twins masquerading as musicians dressed in tin foil singing ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and an extra from Last of the Mohicans’s with no stamina, no timing and lacking the simple ability to remember song lyrics have more chance of forging a career in the industry (Rant Over)!

Aside from voice work in animated shows “Phineas and Ferb” and “Adventure Time”, the now 18 year old Olivia is still lacking a record deal. A simple visit to her Youtube channel (OliviaOlson) where she’s covered song’s ranging from Jason Mrarz’s “I’m Yours” to Beyonce’s ”Halo”, highlights that the girl has still got talent. Her voice is still as captivating as before and has obviously matured with age, to the extent that when listening you find yourself drawing comparisons between her and a pre dirty Christina Aguilera!
Call her blessed or just plain jammy, not content with having an amazing voice she now possesses a look that wouldn’t be out of place on the front of Grazia or in the annual FHM top 100!

It’s the year 2010, and she now appears to be as Usher once put it TTP (The Total Package) and will no doubt be signed and soon be adorning the Billboard charts. Remember where you heard it first….

Olivia Olson
Twitter @OliveOlson

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