Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Orie w/Reena

I first caught up with Orie back in April (Orie Makes Them “Go Crazy”). At that point Orie had just finished recording the track ‘Go Crazy’, but with the video not yet complete, and was also about to embark on recording material for a new CD.

I caught up with Orie again in Peaches Bar, Kenton (North West London) to find out what he’s been upto since our last meet and how the new music was progressing.
As we waited in Peaches Bar for Orie to arrive it gave me the chance to listen to his new tracks including Go Crazy (see video below). Upon listening, i could really appreciate his talent, uniqueness and versatility as an artist. It also created another question in my mind…. Whats the story behind the name Orie?

Check out the interview with Orie below to find out and check out the finished video for Go Crazy (also below).

Orie Ft Vaigz, V.I & Metrick :::: Go Crazy
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Stay tuned for part 2 where Orie discusses more about his two new double A side singles and more.

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