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Asiana Top 50 Bachelors: Rahul Matharu

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Rahul, Asian Top 50 Bachelors 2010

Rahul, Asian Top 50 Bachelors 2010

Popular Asian magazine Asiana travelled across the UK (to London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds) in search of the top 50 asian bachelors for their 2010 list. I mangaged to get my hands on one of the gorgeous bachelors from my neck of the woods, West London, and get a short interview.

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1. How did you feel when you got nominated for The Top 50 Asiana Bachelors 2010?

I felt great when I was nominated into the top 50 Asiana bachelors 2010, because it’s a very special feeling when one finds out that they have been chosen in the top 50 out of so many guys in the UK. which means that there is something in me that’s why I am in it.

2. How did this happen?
This happened because of my sister, she is a big fan of reading The Asiana magazine and browsing their website. One day she was just browsing through and she saw the bachelors event. She told me that I should definitely go for it. My sister had complete faith in me that I would qualify into the top 50, so I sent my pictures to the Asiana email ID and I got a reply from them that I have been selected.

3 Tell me a bit about yourself
I am a man of my word. I do what I think is right. I have never done anything which is against my principles. I am a very family orientated guy, who loves his family a lot and my family means a lot to. I have been told I am a very romantic person and I respect ladies. If you want to know more about myself then girls please vote for me, make me Bachelor 2010 and you can also add me on my facebook account.

4. How would you feel if you were to win?
I would be on top of the world if I was to win. This would mean a lot to me as I would be a perfect husband figure to all those ladies out there.

5. What difference do you feel you would make if you were to win?

To be honest there is not much I can do, but one thing is for sure I would definitely set a idol for every single girl out there who wants a loving, caring and someone who respects them and they can see as their future life partner, for life…….!!

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Click Here to go to Rahul’s profile at Asiana

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