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Street Dance XXL Championships 2010

Hosted by Comedian Eddie Kadi and including cast and crew members from the recent hit British movie Street Dance 3D, The Street Dance XXL Championship 2010 took place at the ExCel Centre, London on Sunday 25th July.
The Streetdance XXL Championships is the event that acts such as Flawless, Peridot, Twist and Pulse and Diversity orignally made a name for themselves.
With the beautiful Nicola Burley (The main Star of Street Dance 3D) and the directors of the same film in attendance, the event kicked off.

The event is split into 3 catergories:
Under 14
14 – 17
18 +

There would be a winner for each catergory and then an overall winner. The winner overall winner will be featured in the upcoming feature film Street Dance 3D 2.

Several of the dance groups had two different team entered in more than one category such as Ebonessence and Futinity which showcased more for the individual dance schools they represented.
Before the competition kicked off we were treated to an exhibition dance by last years winner, Status.
Status who have been nomintated for an Urban Music Award this year showed why they were 2009’s deserved winners and why they have gone on to become one of England’s most popular dance troupes.

Ebonessence Dance School

Ebonessence Dance Troupe

The competition kicked off with the 14 – 17 age group of dance acts, the talent from the very first act was immense.

Though probably the weakest of the three categories the dance groups were skilled and well presented, with good costumes.
Prodigy was the stand out group and therefore deservedly took the top prize for this category.

Between the catergories we were treated to another exhibition dance act by the established Karizma Crew.

Karizma Dance crew

Karizma Dance Crew

Next up came the under 14’s category.
After a few acts it was evident that despite the younger age range, these dancers were more than capable of keeping up with their older opponents.
All the acts were very tight, though a special mention has to go out to Ghost crew.
It was near to the end of this category, with Ghost Crew probably edging top spot when out stepped Masters of Movement (M.O.M) and blew away the competition, a view echoed by the judges when asked in the interlude who they liked the look of.

Masters of Movement are a highly skilled dance crew and the talent could be seen individually with each of the dancers on stage.

Masters of Movement won this category and would now be in wit ha chance for the overall prize.

Before the final category took place there was an intermission.
Upon returning from the break we were treated to previous winners and Britains Got talent Semi-Finalists Peridot.

Peridot performed a great dance routine that not only showcased the dance group dancing in sync but gave opportunity for each individual member a chance to showcase their talents.

Peridot Dance Crew

Peridot Dance Crew

The always funny Eddie Kadi then came on stage and insisted he could do just as well. The DJ let the music run and he performed a little dance routine with the help of Peridot that had the crown in laughter and applause.

The 18+ category then promptly kick off.
This was probably the overall strongest group, including an amazing performance from Futunity based around Thundercats.
This group provided lots of tricks and treats with astounding costumes on some of the groups.

With several acts in this group that could be crowned overall winner it was going to be a tight choice, including the two winners of the previous categories.

While the Judges deliberated over the results we where treated to freestyle contest.
The under 16’s category was won by a young boy called Joe who seemed to have an unlimited list of moves in his repertoire bringing out new moves in all three rounds of the freestyle contest.

The over 16’s was won by a member of the Karizma Crew who went up in a very close final against a young chap simply know as “The Ginger Bread Man” from Doncaster.
It was a great final. Clips can be seen in the video above.

Streetdance XXL Championship 2010

18+ Freestylers Finalist

Before the judges returned to the stage with the results we were treated to another performance from last years winners Status.

The Judges along with presenter Eddie Kadi then announced the winners.
Which are as follows?

Under: 14’s
Winners: Masters of Movement

Category: 14 – 17
Winners: Prodigy

Category: 18+:
1st Protocol
2nd Futunity
3rd Abyss

Overall Winners and 2010 Street Dance XXL Champions:
Masters of Movement

Status at Streetdance XXL Championships 2010

2009 Winners Status, handing trohy to the new 2010 winners

Final Verdict:
A great show and the UK’s top event for seeing the next big dance groups that will be emerging in the wake of popularity set by the likes of Diversity, Akai & George Samson.
Great presenting by Eddie Kadi and a great family event. With a group from the youngest category winning, it’s sure to insprie even more youngsters into this genre of dancing.

Masters of Movement

Master of Movement , 2010 Streetdance XXL Champions

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