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The Penn & Teller Show

Denny Armatrading July 17, 2010 Events, Featured No Comments on The Penn & Teller Show

The Penn & Teller Show Thursday 15th July 2010 @ The HMV Apollo, Hammersmith

Image of Penn & Teller Poster

Levitation, Knife throwing, psychic reading and flame eating are just a few of the acts performed in the Penn & Teller show. As educational as it is entertaining, The Penn & Teller show gives a real insight into how many tricks are performed as well as leaving you open jawed at many others that they choose to keep secret.

The show is made up of small skits with many including a member from the audience. Penn & Teller’s chemistry on stage is flawless. The silent Teller using body language and facial expression to communicate and Penn who’s mastery use of tone keep the audience gripped and sets the emotion and scene very well.

With much comedic value, Penn & Teller play mind games with the willing participants from the audience at the pleasure of the rest of the viewers particularly with the knife throwing act.

Performing over 40 shows a year in Vegas and only five times at the HMV Apollo in Hammersmith your best chance to catch this fabulous magical duo is in the former.

Having not performed in the UK for something like 16 years they did state they wouldn’t leave it so long next time. So if we wait 15 years they have kept their promise.

image of Penn & Teller with fans

Penn signing autographs with fans after the show

The Penn and Teller show is definitely worth a watch. It’s genuine entertainment, Vegas style and like I hadn’t left the venue with high regard for them already, they then came outside, signed autographs and took photos with fans for near an hour.

Final Verdict:
A true class act and more than worth a watch (if you get the chance).

Image of Teller of Penn and Teller

Teller signing autographs and taking photos with fans

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