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Tinie Tempah Disc-overy: Album Review

Two no. 1 singles
One of the biggest first week’s sales for an album in 2010
Over a million single sales in 2010
And now about to embark on his first headline tour

Tinie Tempah has undoubtedly had an amazing year

Disc-overy is the name of Tinie Tempah’s new album.
Tinie Tempah excels on this album where I feel many other artists of the same genre have failed by creating a balance to make an album that will be enjoyed by a wide cross section of music lovers rather than the teen fanbase that is often associated with many cross over grime artists.

But Tinie Tempah comes across as a more mature, humble person when you meet him in person and I think this is reflected in his music.

Tinie Tempah

With four singles already released that feature on the album there aren’t many surprises on there in terms of style and what to expect. But when a formula’s made you one of the years most successful artists why change it. As the saying goes, if it aint broke….

What I like about Tinie’s release is that he has forged a slightly different sound for himself and has avoided the usual features that many other grime artists seem to do. There’s no Chipmunk, No Tinchy, No N-Dubz. But what you do have is a sound that is quite distinctively Tinie’s own.
The production has an electro and slight drum and bass influence to it. The track Snap is the exception to this though with a more traditional hip hop kick drum based production.
The chosen beats suit Tinie’s style and tone of voice.

The album is crafted well and each track could easily be released as a single. Everyone will have a different favourite track.

And after 3 or 4 listens I was at a wits end trying to figure out what was missing, what stopped it being an instant classic for me.

And after maybe the 5th listen (and still thoroughly enjoying) it came to me. My only criticism is that it maybe lacks a little bit of a personal feel.

A track like N-Dubz ‘Papa can you hear me‘, where you get to feel the artist’s pain and passion that much more.

I will say this isn’t a huge issue as it’s clear Tinie Tempah is going to be with us for a while yet so he has plenty of time for this.

I’ve gone through the album three or four times trying to find something negative or a track I don’t like. Just something I could say

But I couldn’t
While there are definitely tracks that will get radio airplay for years to come I think it is a lck of depth

Overall a very solid debut, and possibly the best album to come from the influx of grime crossover artists that we have seen take the UK music industry by storm over the last couple of years.
It definitely shows that the genre (Grime/UK Hip Hop) can appeal to a much wider audience and I wish Tinie Tempah all the success for the future.

Score: 8/10

Standout tracks:
Ibiza to Miami
Invincible featuring Kelly Rowland

Tinie Tempah

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