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Monday, September 16, 2019
Welcome To The MixUp

BOOMTOWN 8th – 11th August 2013

AaronBurdette83 May 28, 2013 Festivals Comments Off on BOOMTOWN 8th – 11th August 2013


Chapter 5 – The City Splits

Boomtown’s new city status has not only enabled the annual accumulation of a wider variety of eccentric oddballs, but has also brought controversy to the local neighbourhood. Now in its 5th year, BoomTown has expanded beyond the realms of communal tranquillity and been forced to split into seven districts, each distinguishable by the bizarre collection of misfits that populate them. As the city opens its gates for 4 days of ska, reggae, roots and rave induced mayhem; visitors are asked to pick an allegiance to a district: committing to camp, dress and live in accordance with their newfound loyalties.

Such an influx of new residents has led to the emergence of new city districts, including El Barrio Loco, a hive for those partial to raunchy Latino spice, which presents captivating circus performances over a full-time fiesta backdrop; and ChinaTown, the mystical province that encompasses such oriental oddities as Madame Electrifie’s ghetto-inspired, musical Laundromat and Alan’s Happy Ending Cinema, a kung-fu showcase by day and a stimulant of the senses by night!

Returning visitors will be pleased to hear that many of the city’s beloved, long-standing attractions will be in attendance this year, enhanced by the competition between districts to provide the most amusing, entertaining and outright bonkers antics in the city. Mayfair Avenue will continue to host the most fabulous of high-end frolics, from the alluring, un-parented shindig at Funkington Manor to the gaming extravaganzas held at the Bearded Kitten BoomTown Bank. But lowly commoners fear not (!), if you are found not to be of suitable attire then a trip to the Candy Trash Beauty Boutique will be sure to put a stop to all those contemptuous looks from the elite! Failing this, you might be more suited to the backstreet “does-your-mother-know-you’re-here?” sodomy of Downtown, where gangsters and low-lifes run rife in the alleyways and slug Moonshine in Charlie Brown’s Casino, the ASBO disco and the Prohibition Den. However, if you’re after escaping civilisation altogether, why not regress to a tribesman state at the Lion’s Den reggae venue in TrenchTown?

Recently inhabited by pirates, although still home to many of the city’s pensioners, OldTown boasts home to the legendary Gramophone Disco, a musical venture through time that prohibits mono recordings and anything deemed to be in trend since the 60s. For the hopeless romantics among us, the Big Love Chapel offers to wed souls into “not-so-holy” matrimony, whereas those more interested in a childish escapade can enjoy the rides of the Twisted Fairground.

Always committed to allowing BoomTown to be a family friendly affair, KidzTown will now be situated within the OldTown district and will offer a variety of activities, including face painting, puppet shows and a guest appearance from BinBot – the city’s token recycled robot! Children will also be able to enjoy many of the festivities in the care-free, hippy infused serenity to be found in the HoldItDown District.

Filled with a whole host of berserk, yet exciting and frankly deranged, attractions, BoomTown promises to live up to and exceed the level of craziness that its residents and visitors have grown to know and love, With the new addition of friendly local rivalry, competition for most entertaining district is fierce, to be judged only by the most committed partygoers! Oh, and if that wasn’t enough – there’s a “magic carpet” ski lift for your ease of travel between districts.

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