WTF is ‘Long Dark Quiz’?

WTF is ‘Long Dark Quiz’?

Long Dark Quiz is a new quiz game created by Monkey Nuts Studio in London. Their slogan is ‘A game for future thinking antagonists’ which only gives a small hint of what it is actually about!

The game was created to bring people closer together, allow them to bet money against each other and keep them interacting for up to one year. It has two main parts to it, first the players (can be up to 6) are asked a series of multiple-choice questions about situations in the future. These could be anything from sports questions like who will win the Six nations rugby to what celebrity will cheat on their spouse next. These questions are designed to give the players topics for discussion as they are literally bombarded with current affairs, news, sports, culture, and gossip. All seeds for larger conversations. Once the players have had fun answering them (which they have to race to chose thier answer) and chatting about their content the game ends. Somewhat unresolved, this where the second part comes in. The players are still connected through the games app and will be for the next 6-12 months. Every time one of the questions that was asked comes into fruition all the players are emailed and now have another chance to reengage with their friends with something to talk about. At the end of the chosen time the player with the most correct points wins the pot of cash and ultimate bragging rights against their friends.

But how is this bringing people closer? In a world of social media where spoken phone calls are in sharp decline this game provides numerous topics for discussion. It also gives its players reasons to contact each other to discuss who just got an answer correct and how they are progressing closer to winning the pot! I can’t wait for this game to launch as it sounds tons of fun. You can register your interest for free and gain early access to the ‘LDQ’ prototype HERE.

Here is what the website says! Or you can check it out HERE.

16 bit alien icon Aim of the game

Have fun answering edgy multiple choice questions with the aim of predicting their outcomes. Stay connected with friends as the answers unfold in real-time bringing the game alive and you closer.

countdown timer icon The time period

Set a duration from 6 – 12 months. The game will to run in the background as you continue with your lives. Each time a question comes into fruition you and your team are notified and have the opportunity to reconnect with something to talk about.

honey pot icon Place a stake

When creating the game you chose a stake. This is an amount of money that each player donates to the pot. At the end of the selected time period, the winner is the player with the most correct answers. They win the game, the pot and ultimate bragging rights.

question mark icon Example question

example question

As this question has now come into fruition and we know that the correct answered was ’Dishy Rishi’ the player who picked that would have won a point. An email would be sent to the group confirming the correct answer and showing the games scoreboard.

play button icon How to play

18 rated game


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