Skating with ‘No Toys Allowed’

Skating with ‘No Toys Allowed’

So who are ‘No Toys Allowed?’ We asked their owner Jay Livingstone to find out more and this is what he said: “No Toys Allowed are a new skateboarding company that wants to bring street art to deck art. Skaters have always been very selective with their choice of boards as several things need to be factored in. The most important thing is the quality of the wood used. A deck needs to be durable as skaters will put it through a lot of punishment. It needs to convey the right image. Skating is a way of life and skaters express themselves in the clothing their wear and the boards that ride. Cost is also an important factor. For those that are not sponsored, they must purchase the boards themselves and as all skaters know you can go through boards quickly when reforming daring stunts. We make the NTA decks out of USA hard rock maple. It is incredibly strong and springy, which makes tricks easier and prolongs the life of the board. Our decks are made to the highest standards and sold at incredibly low prices because we want all skaters to be able to afford top quality. But the main thing that sets our decks out from the rest is the artwork. We work with some of the UK’s finest street artists to solidify the relationship between these bits of street culture. Our first deck is featuring the artwork of the mighty SPzereo one of Bristol’s finest street writers. He was this year’s winner of the IWS Classic UK Illustration Championship 2022 and has created a first limited edition Zombie deck. Only 100 will be made so we expect most of them will be wall-hung. But dude to the high standard of manufacturing and wood used they are perfect for day-to-day use

One final point I want to make is that we only use wood grown in managed forests. This is 100% for sustainability reasons. If we use something from this earth, we want to make sure that it can be replaced as the environment is very important to us. Thank you for giving me the time to talk about this with you.”

So there you go. That was the result of a telephone conversation me and Jay. I annotated him word for word so you have it from the source.

At the moment you can only purchase No Toys Allowed boards from their website here.

We will keep you up today when their next board drops but I’d grab one of these whilst they still have a few left. They are expected to go up in value if you can bare not to skate it!

Isabel Tate

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