16 fun things to do at One Love

16 fun things to do at One Love

1. One Love Opening Ceremony – Rasta Village At 11.am on Saturday 1st September. Traditional Rasta blessing will take place. Join us for drumming and meditation on the meaning of One Love

2. African and Caribbean Sports and Classic Car Club (ACSCCC)
Look out next to the Main Stage On Saturday morning we have the members of ACSCCC bringing their pride and joy down to One Love to showcase their beloved Classic Car Collection –over + 40 cars expected

3. Kangan Water Station

4. Check out the Kangan Water station – Providing ionised Alkalised water which is abundant in antioxidants so very beneficial for health. Super hydration

5. RSPCA Area Build a Bird Box
RSPB information gazebo, hands-on wildlife table, and on the Sunday Allan Smedley will be running a bird box building activity be the proud builder of the bird box and take home the little home for nature

6. Mad Professor’s Ariwa Records 40th Anniversary – all day Sunday in Bunker Marquee Ft: Mad Professor live Dub Show, – needs registration The Roots Daughters: Aisha, Sister Audrey, Sandra Cross, Zeena Banks, Red Head Qi, Lady Marga, Joe Ariwa Live Dub mix, Nu Flowah, Sir Coxsone

7. One World, One Planet, One Love – Extinction Rebellion Stage
Workshop and Talks daily Activities include – Heading for Extinction, How Civil Disobedience Works, What is Regenerative Culture? Orlando Seale – Full Fathom Five, Roger Hallam on Extinction Rebellion: What It Has Achieved and What’s Next, Decolonising Environmentalism, Xr Youth – Role of the Youth Voice, Future Environment: ‘deep Adaptation’. Getting Real About the Climate Apocalypse, People’s Assembly, Yoga/Pilates/meditation, Xr 101, Future Environment: How Does It All Fall Apart? Systems Collapse: How Our Civilisation Will Disintegrate, Demand 3: What is Sortition/citizens Assembly?, Demand 2: the Route to Rapid, Decarbonisation. Heading for Extinction, Mock Citizen’s Assembly, Imagining the Future, Powerdress, Derek’s Mojo, Amorphous Horse, Hip Hop Karaoke, People’s Assembly

8. Mighty Emmanuel and Lion Shiloh – 11 am opening the One Love Stage

Are two brothers of 12 and 10 years old – From age 4 and 6, the brother started to write their own lyrics, even before they could properly pronounce the words that they were writing. A song like “Yes Mama Yes Mama ” were written in those time. The age of 6 and 8 they began to perform with a live band on concerts and festivals opening for people such as Julian Marley

9. It’s a bit special – Dubshack Sunday
See The Specials founder Jerry Dammers doing his thing on the decks. Expect old school Ska

10. Encona Unplugged Campsite Acoustic Stage Full schedule of Artists perform throughout the day and night on our New Stage supported by Encona from midnight onwards jamming session

11. Jamsandwich Marquee
Interactive marquee where the pubic are the Stars, a Jam Stage – with all instruments provided with tuition from profession musicians

12. DubFX – a one man Drum and Bass phenomenon
Closing the festival, we have the internet sensation who youtube posts have gone viral across the World watch with Awe as he smashes the Last set of the Festival

13. Greenpeace area – Come and see the interactive Greenpeace area and learn about there new initiatives

14. Rasta Village – Watch life in motion and visit our Rasta Village hosted by Iqulah Rastafari and EWF members – sample Ital Food, mediate and learn traditional Rasta drumming

15. Carers Worldwide charity will be hosting an area Music, interaction, workshops supporting the disadvantaged World Wide

16. Check out King Yellowman on Friday night we need to say no more then Zungguzungguguzungguzeng


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