One Love Festival: 2nd – 4th September (London)

One Love Festival:  2nd – 4th September (London)

We are very pleased to announce One Love Festival will be the very first Weekend Camping Festival to be serviced by newly introduced London Underground NightTube (24hr) service.

Hainault Forest Country Park, London IG7 4QN

Allowing our London based customers to experience the entire Festival without travel concern / restrictions / limitations and to simply after the Festival has finished in the Early Hours to jump on the NightTube Home from Hainault Tube Station – The 24-hour service will initially operate throughout Saturday and Friday nights across the Central and Victoria lines and is due to start service on the Central and Victoria lines on 19 August 2016, with the remaining services to follow in autumn 2016.

The new NightTube service will open up London’s night-time economy to a whole host of new opportunities, altering the way that people behave and the way that businesses choose to operate. It helping to maintain London’s status as a vibrant and exciting place to live, work and visit. Reducing the demand for illegal minicabs, thus improving safety in taxis at night and reduce congestion at stations after events as people are not in such a rush to leave to catch the last tube as London has never had an overnight underground service before and will be joining New York, Chicago, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin and Sydney, which all offer night time metro services to differing extents. London is the most visited city in the world and One Love being the Only Reggae Camping Festival in UK is happy our customers will be benefiting from this exciting news.

For further information about the NightTube please click HERE

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