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Jago May 11, 2016 Festivals



During the strenuous site clear-up at the end of We Are FSTVL 2015, a tired and exhausted crew member stumbled on what first appeared to be a rock – however, unbeknown to him, he had just unearthed something a whole lot grander. A full scale excavation started and a new world was discovered. Instead of archiving this historic masterpiece, we decided to keep the structure and build FSTVL 2016 around it. To natives, this has now become known as theANCIENT REALM!


Found within the epicentre of the WHSE District, the Techno Warehouse was built as a symbol of progress made to contain the infectious spread of techno from the FSTVL site. An army of workers stand guard, powered only by coal and steam with the sole aim of containing this powerful sound from the uninformed masses, with only die hard techno fans permitted inside for a taste of this extraordinary production. As co2 cannons and pyrotechnics paint the night sky, please wear safety goggles and hard hats as you never know what dangers lie around the corner while in the WHSE DISTRICT!


Eh Eh Cabrón, you like to party?! As the UK dance music festival, We Are FSTVL attracts fans from all over the world with undoubtedly the craziest bunch arriving each year from South America to experience the unparalleled state of the art production, with top performing headliners, mind blowing visuals and explosive pyrotechnics that this great festival has to offer, and we hope they feel right at home in the party epicentre which is Favela Fiesta. Expect to see some crazy goings on within… This is the FAVELA FIESTA!


Hot tubs, palm trees, tiki heads and disco balls… What more can you possibly ask for from this exclusive VIP zone? This year we have turned one corner of our FSTVL world into a tropical VIP paradise with a few extra surprises for the more hard to please ravers. Dance the FSTVL night away under the beating summer sun and a daiquiri in hand, and mingle with all the headline acts, but remember, limited VIP tickets are available. Don’t miss out… This is theDISCO TROPICS VIP!


After what was the biggest dance FSTVL of 2015, for some people it was maybe a little too good. Some joked of staying on the site forever… some actually did creating shelter from the elements out of one of the stranded shuttle buses. A few FSTVL fans have now made the FSTVL site their home, bypassing the long queues and high demand for tickets expected for We Are FSTVL 2016. This is the ISLAND HIDEAWAY!

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grew up in Camden, so it’s safe to say that there is not much this boy has not seen. He is hard to shock yet easy to please, armed with an eclectic taste in music and film. Jago is always ready to tackle anything from Punk Rock, D & B, House to Opera. This makes him a great person to send out into the thick of things. He has a passion for cinematography and fine dining and constantly tries to mix the two. If he is not dancing, eating or watching a movie then he is probably working his way through a bottle of champagne with the local talent. HE NEVER SLEEPS!

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