We officially declare Thursday 5th of May Chuckle Brothers’ Day!

We officially declare Thursday 5th of May Chuckle Brothers’ Day!


Rob da Bank says: “I’m not sure if there’s an emoji for ‘wetting yourself laughing’ yet but we need one for the Chuckle Brothers. I booked them as a bit of a laugh last year but they drew one of the biggest crowds of the weekend and had to do about 1000 selfies afterwards for some rabid fans. I’m still not sure I understand it all but i do love ‘em, and had to get them for all of our shows this year!”

Paul Chuckle says: “Thanks for this great tribute but I have to say our time at Bestival last September was one of the best days we’ve ever had. We’ve done and appeared in many things including the Children’s Royal Variety show, but can honestly say this matched anything. The day was amazing and we can’t wait to do it all again this year. Great crowd, great guys to work with all round, and memories that will last for ever. See you all soon.

“PS. Can’t wait”.

One of the country’s best loved double acts, The Chuckle Brothers are the premier slapstick team that kept generations of kids entertained with perfectly timed pratfalls in 22 series of their acclaimed ChuckleVision television show. Launching the catchphrases “to me, to you” and “oh dear, oh dear” into common parlance, their influence on youth culture shouldn’t be underestimated.

They’re a canny pair too, as well as getting in on the current grime revival right from the word go with ‘To Me, To You (Bruv)’ their collaboration with Tinchy Stryder, last year also saw the pair make their festival debut at Bestival in front of 14,000 people. We like to think we know a thing or two about festivals after 12 years out in the fields, but we can honestly say that the crowd reaction to the Chuckle Brothers was utterly astonishing, to say the least. What can only be described as unbridled joy filled the Big Top and a huge outpouring of emotion from the capacity crowd turned their 15-minute slot into one of the highlights of any Bestival. Ever.

And so, in celebration of their much-anticipated appearances this year, at not only Bestival but also Camp Bestival and Common People, we declare 5th May Chuckle Brothers’ Day. Join us in a gleeful celebration of a truly influential comedy duo who we think are criminally unsung. Take to the streets proclaiming ‘TO ME, TO YOU’ with all your heart, and make sure you honour Chuckle Brothers’ Day with some DIY slapstick fun.

The Chuckle Brothers will appear at:
Bestival Party – Bussey Building, London – 6th May
Common People – Southampton & Oxford 28th & 29th May
Camp Bestival – Lulworth Castle Dorset – 28th – 31st July
Bestival – Robin Hill, Isle of Wight – 8th-11th September


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