What makes a good concert?

What makes a good concert?
Image of girl pop group at a gig
What makes a good concert?

Going to a live performance, you may wonder what your dream gig might consist of. We’ve thought of a few ideal traits a good concert should have and we look forward to hearing some of yours too. Here’s our list of what makes the best live music experience:

1) Reasonable pricing.

It really sucks to get seriously hyped about something, only to realise that the tickets are priced in the three figures, and your best chance of buying any merchandise, food or drinks looks like a bank loan. It’s best to find a gig which has reasonably priced tickets because this means that you are more likely to still have money left at the end of the month to treat yourself to some of the merchandise on sale, a new album, a game of Partypoker or even another concert!

2) Good support acts.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why some support acts are chosen for a certain artist’s concert. Seeing bands you know, ones you’re new to, but either way ones that match, is going to make the concert that much better. Of course, who knows – you might enjoy seeing Bon Iver support Metallica, but chances are the rest of the audience might not!

3) Souvenirs.

This does tie in with the price issue a little bit, but it’s also about choice. Some artists really do have an incredible range of merch on offer at their events, and they range from the traditional tshirt to bags, ties, music, and various other items which should prove pretty tempting. Not everyone wears t-shirts!

4) The crowd.

No pushing, no shoving, no shouting, no excessive drunken antics, no creepers, no people who’ll just ruin the night for you or anyone else. The crowd quality is a major part of an enjoyable gig – there’s always one person who’s throwing a beer bottle around or being excessively keen to get to the front – none of those people, the above three items, and this dream concert really is dreamy. What do you want to see at concerts?

Denny Armatrading

is a massive music fan and has been writing professionally about it since 2009. Graduating from University in Digital Arts & Design for Interactive Media, Denny has years of experience working online in various areas. Music is his passion and his work.