Berghain – Our experience gaining entry!

Berghain – Our experience gaining entry!

Berghain is a dark industrial techno a nightclub in Berlin, Germany. It is world renowned for its rigorous door policy and long opening hours. The club runs from Friday until Monday. Re-admission is allowed courtesy of an indelible stamp. The club derives its name from its location a spot near the border of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

We arrived early (23:40) and joined a rapidly growing queue. The majority of clubbers were dressed in black head to toe with boots and hoods up. A slightly unnerving environment to anyone that does not understand the door policy. I introduced myself to the people around me to gather some info on what I should expect from the rigorous door checks. Here is what I was told:

1. When you approach the cattle gates in front of the club refrain from talking
2. Don’t be drunk
3. Don’t be loud
4. Dress dark and inconspicuous. I was advised to do my jacket up.
5. Don’t smile
6. Answer questions with short concise answers
7. Speak German if possible
8. Don’t be in a large group

We complied with these rules and after a good looking up and down from the door staff we were granted admission. The group of eight twenty something’s in front of us, were all turned away. They were loud, giggly and painting each other’s faces with glitter. Even us newbies knew they would be doing the walk of shame out of the queue.

Admission was £14 not bad for such a notorious club especially considering the duration of the night. As we walked through the dark concrete building we were pleasantly surprised with the heat and the over-all feeling of calm. I have never experienced such a laid back group of clubbers. The strict door policy ensured that the moody faces, pervs and mash heads would be partying elsewhere this evening. What a result!

Further info
Location: Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin, Germany
Capacity: 1,500
Opened in 2004 and currently owned by Norbert Thormann & Michael Teufele


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