There’s plenty of mainstream magical moments to be had at Bestival’s Summer of Love, but for those with a more curious nature, seeking out adventure in the far flung corners of Robin Hill can bring rich rewards. With lashings of electro swing, gypsy punk, Latin vibes and so much more, only the foolish would pass up the opportunity to lose themselves in Pig’s Big Ballroom, Caravanserai and Club Dada, where the unusual is a certainty and Bestival’s underbelly comes to life.

Bestival’s original party starter, Rob da Bank says: “The Underbelly of the beast that is Bestival is my favourite place to be. Away from the madding crowds these are some of the best venues of any festival, with truly alternative and underground sounds and Caravanserai might just be the coolest looking stage at any festival. Come on down.”

Programmed by Greg’s Greats and the uniquely analogue Shellac Collective, Pig’s Big Ballroom is dedicated to the memory of the late great John Peel and rocks a surprisingly danceable selection of Rhythm and Blues, 30s Dance Band, Swing, Skiffle, Jazz, African, Latin, Calypso, Rock-a-billy and Rock and Roll 78s. There will be live music from Gary Williams and the Sinatra Jukebox. The Happy Skifflers, The Long Insiders, Mary Jean Lewis & the Starlight Boys, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Railroad Bill, Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra, Shamus O’Blivion & the Megadeath Morrismen, Split Whiskers Blues Band, The Swamptruck Goodtime Band, Tom Korni and The Vagaband.

Plus there will be gramophone madness from Auntie Maureen, Brother Graham’s Hayride, The Coconutters, Flutter and Wow, Greg’s Greats, DJ GG, It’s A Wind Up, DJ Jules, Lil’ Miss Lonesome, Ms Chameleon’s Mechanical Melodies, Not Saffron, Dr Sid, Tony Tunes and Uncle Norm’s Blues Box.

Caravanserai, the brainchild of the mighty Monsieur Bateman and family is held together by a tribe of travelling musicians, performers and freaks. This year the much admired Continental Drifts will bring über-fat brass, Gypsy madness and words & weirds to the table. Expect live performances from Animal Noise, Bomba Titinka, The Carny Villains, Dila V. & The Odd Beats, Keltrix, King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band, Madame Barducci and The Goudzy Guitar, Manière des Bohémiens, Mariachi El Pinche Gringo, Mortisville, New York Brass Band, The Ohmz, Rambunctious Social Club, A Ray of Charles, Tantz, Temple Funk Collective, Thrill Collins, Voodoo Love Orchestra, Wight Floyd present a Pink Floyd Special and The Woohoo Revue.

DJ action will come courtesy of Adewale, Arnivore, Big Swing Soundsystem, Chris Tofu, CatJam, Daniel Peppit, El Gadzé, Jonny Antrobus and Penny Metal, plus there will be off the wall escapades from Cirque Bijou, Flame Proof Moth and KaraUke.

Club Dada began in the heady days of Glastonbury’s Lost Vagueness with blisteringly different, jumping festival music. Now in its gorgeous Spiegeltent home in the heart of Bestival and organized with respect to maximum festival vibes by Chris Tofu and the team at Continental Drifts, get ready for a heady, halcyon, horn-filled summer jump up. There will be madcap music from A Ray Of Charles, The After Hours Quintet, Bomba Titinka, Dila V. & The Odd Beats, Dutty Moonshine Big Band, Grant Lazlo, Isaac Waddington, King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Band, Manière des Bohémiens, Mariachi El Pinche Gringo, New York Brass Band, Scarecrow, Tantz, TED ZED, Temple Funk Collective, The Carny Villains, Thrill Collins, Voodoo Love Orchestra and The Woohoo Revue.

We’ll also have in depth At Home With sessions from JFB and friends, The Church (Sunday Service) And Mr B and the Acid Ragtime Soundsystem and deck manoeuvres from Arkhease, Arnivore, Carnival Collective, The Chicken Brothers, Chris Tofu, DJ Dapper Dan, DJ Eggs Legs, El Gadzé, Mark Jones, DJ Mortisville, Movimientos DJs, Rambunctious Social Club DJs, Rumpsteppers, and Tropical Disco with Cal Jader, Senore Griff & Hodguez.

And don’t miss the Cocktail hour radical mash-up of Reggae Remix, a daily homage to Reggae and its roots, featuring Ar Khease & DJ Chris Tofu, Kaptins Not Dead and a Wight Reggae Special featuring The Ohmz & Friends.

Plus there will be Daily Discos and for the first time ever, the Dance-Off crew will bring their unique blend of tunes, audience participation and theatre to Bestival. A massive hit across the UK, this is a glorious jump around across lots of different dance styles but always with a humorous and participatory vibe. Come and jump in the ring.



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Adult Ticket £195.00
Student Ticket £185.00
Teen (13-17) Ticket £130.00
Child (12 & under) Ticket Free (BUT you MUST obtain a ticket)
Campervan Ticket £92.50
Adult Wild Copse Ticket £325.00
Teen Wild Copse Ticket £165.00
Caravan £105.00 Car Park £15.00
All Tickets: – will incur a booking fee. – incur a £1 donation to the Isle Of Wight Youth Trust*.

There are no Day Tickets.

Lucky Cat Hospitality Packages are also available.

*This year we are adding on a £1 charity donation onto all Bestival tickets. The money raised will go directly to the Isle Of Wight Youth Trust (Reg Charity no. 1087163) to help fund their fantastic work offering counselling and support to young people aged 25 and under on the Isle of Wight. The Bestival Foundation is also a proud supporter of the Youth Trust.




grew up in Camden, so it’s safe to say that there is not much this boy has not seen. He is hard to shock yet easy to please, armed with an eclectic taste in music and film. Jago is always ready to tackle anything from Punk Rock, D & B, House to Opera. This makes him a great person to send out into the thick of things. He has a passion for cinematography and fine dining and constantly tries to mix the two. If he is not dancing, eating or watching a movie then he is probably working his way through a bottle of champagne with the local talent. HE NEVER SLEEPS!