CEREMONY FESTIVAL 2015 – brought to you by Found

CEREMONY FESTIVAL 2015 – brought to you by Found

CEREMONY FESTIVAL 2015 brought to you by Found

The MixUp has had the pleasure of covering over 20 festivals in the last two years and it has to be said, we have never seen so many beautiful people in one place as we did at CEREMONY FESTIVAL in Finsbury Park! For us it was the perfect festival to bring the summer to a close.

The atmosphere was reserved and laid back to start. People were enjoying the sun, sitting outside the tents relaxing and catching up. Inside the tents it was like a junior disco with people chilling and others watching around the sides. Promo staff were handing out cans of Desperado and there was general feeling of anticipation, as if they were waiting for their inhibitions to lift before the raving started! We decided to walk around the grounds and get a feel for what CEREMONY had to offer.

It struck us that CEREMONY was purely focused on music: dance music to be more specific. Unlike Forgotten Fields (which was a very similar size), which had a number of fun fair rides and food stalls, CEREMONY consisted of a handful of large tents, decked out with cracking sound systems and large visual displays. There was an array of vendors selling food; in fact I enjoyed a burger from one so much I had a second. I figured I was going to rave the calories off anyway. Then I stumbled upon the www.faceandbodypainting.co.uk stall, where for a tenner I had my face painted for the first time since I was ten. Must have been all the free Desperados that possessed me to do that. The stall was clearly popular as all around the festival site we saw people with glittered faces and doodles. The girls were friendly and did a great job with my half Joker face considering the environment and speed with which they worked.

Things started warming up 3:30 pm; we were in the Avotre stage listening to “Hictor Couto”, and the turning point for us was when he dropped “On and On” – by Leon. It was like he threw a switch that instantly engaged the crowd: everyone started getting their rave on and did not stop till 10:20!

One of my favorite moments was watching/listening to Armand Van Helden mix Nightcrawlers “Push the feeling on” with MK’s Dub remix of “Tumblin’ Down”. Those two tunes took me back to my early raving days, nostalgia at its best!
Cheesy classics they may be but wow were they well received?! The atmosphere in the main stage tent was electric. The crowd chanting back the beats of “Push the feeling on” so loud that you could hear them clearly over the pounding sound system. We danced along shoulder to shoulder watching the visuals of 3D boxes flying at us. I was resisting the urge to relapse into big box little box hand gestures. Lets be honest, it would have been rather fitting for a 90s set!

We had a wicked time at CEREMONY and the location and price makes it a definite must for anyone loving dance music and living in London. We will certainly be at the next one come hell or high-water!!!



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