Kevin Hart – Let Me Explain…

Kevin Hart – Let Me Explain…

Kevin Hart performed at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham on 13 September 2012 to a sold out crowd.
With three opening acts, Joey Wells, Na’im Lynn and Will “Spank” Horton warming up the crowd nicely, creating plenty of laughs the stage was set for Kevin hart to “Bring the fire” quite literally.
Discussing everything from his recent divorce, why he’s a better man for it, horse riding, his kids and being scared of “bums” to name a few topics. Kevin hart delivers it all in a style that’s his own and that’s made him so memorable.

Now more on the fire. Kevin Hart explains at the beginning of his show that he went the Wath The Throne concert with Kanye and Jay-Z and they had fire, So he wanted some fire. Telling the crowd they would be seeing fire throughout the show occasionally he interrupted his set to shout I’m killing y’all Birmingham give me some Fire. At which point the flames of fire would shoot up from the stage.

While Kevin’s actual stage time seemed a little on the short side, the content was top notch. While newer on the scene and still a bit more yet to do, Kevin Hart is walking the path of so many he will be compared to including Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and other stand up greats.

Kevin Hart has his trade mark features that people now expect and really add to the show. The crowd went crazy when he put on his now infamous female voice.

With a photo opportunity at the end of the show Kevin Hart both showed his appreciation of the crowd and his willingness to discuss matters or put himself in situations others may not feel so comfortable. If Kanye West was a comedian he’d be pretty similar to Kevin Hart (with added humilty).

Kevin Hart’s Let me explain is due out on DVD first half 2013. If you don’t get a chance to catch him on tour cop the DVD its definitely going to have you in stitches.

Rating: 4/5

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