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1917 – Film

Corrie Bryant January 20, 2020 Culture

1917 – Film

The much hyped and talked about film 1917, co-written and directed by Sam Mendes opened last weekend. As I settled myself down in my local Odeon cinema, my feet as usual sticking to the grimy carpet (do they ever get the steam cleaner in?) I felt slightly apprehensive at the thought of watching not only a war film, but one filmed as a continuous shot, so no let up. The audience were going in to battle and would see each other on the other side!

I did whisper to my husband several times during the film that I felt quite stressed watching it and by the end, I felt exhausted, but it is a must see. There are a few flaws, which are forgivable, but worth mentioning, just to prove I was concentrating! George Mackay who played Lance Corporal Scholfield, was a terrible shot, even at close range and the convenient trap door which led to a French woman and her baby seemed a little random. Conveniently Scholfield had come across an abandoned farm and a bucket of warm milk only moments before, meaning he could help soothe the starving child. However, on the plus side, it gave the viewer a breather, before the next action, so was a welcome scene.

Gruesome in parts, emotionally draining, but also, shockingly real.

In cinemas now.

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