If I am honest, when I first got invited to see this show, I wasn’t overly keen. I thought it would involve a load of classic pop tunes being sung to a delighted audience of girls enjoying a ‘gals’ night out.’ But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Either the marketing is wrong, which might explain the empty seats, or I am getting far too judgemental in my old age, because I have to admit, I was wrong and it was brilliant!

The storyline is clever and effective and gives the audience an alternative version of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo & Juliet. Oliver Tompsett plays Shakespeare himself, who is desperately trying to hold on to his plot, but reluctantly hands it over to his wife Anne, who also plays a central part and is played brilliantly by Cassidy Janson.

Miriam-Teak Lee plays the role of Juliet and belts out the hits including popular numbers by Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding and more. David Bedella plays the hilarious Lance and I haven’t laughed so much at a musical (and trust me I have seen a lot of them) in ages.

An extremely clever plot, modern and uplifting and encompassing many modern day heroes. My advice, take your teenagers – they’ll think you’re well cool!

Booking until September 2020. See www.andjulietthemusical.co.uk/ for tickets

Corrie Bryant

Corrina is a writer living in surburbia, who has a passion for the theatre and a knack of getting deals and upgrades, meaning she has always got the next trip booked. She is a freelance copywriter and writes scripts for drama students and loves to support the fringe theatres as well as the West End. If she can convince a non theatre fan to give the theatre a go, then she’s happy and as she always says, ‘you can visit the National Theatre’ for the same price as a cinema ticket!