2-5TH May 2014

If music be the food of love – Play ornnnnn Mr DJ, cos we all wanna eat till were fattt!!!!! YES YES YES PEEPS Caister is back!! And we can’t wait!!! Come this May and Great Yarmouth will see people pouring in, in their droves to be part of the world’s longest running festival of Soul music. This year Caister Soul Weekender is celebrating its 35th Birthday….and you know The MixUp is going to be first in the queue for this beauty. Were already picking out our garms and got the ‘ol skool’ on the pod in anticipation of what will without doubt be a magnificent event.

What’s great about Caister is what it specialises in. No pop, heavy metal, electro nor folk (not that there’s anything wrong with them), but Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rare Groove, Jazz and Reggae and if your old enough to remember when Kiss FM was pirate radio, then Caister is your little bit of ‘heaven on earth’.

Caister is headed by one of the major influences in British music – Chris Hill of the the Soul Mafia DJ team, which also includes Sean French, Pete Collins, John Osborne, Gary Dennis and Tom Holland. This DJ collective will take you up, take you back, take you out and lay you down with the greatest selection of vibing music on the planet. At any one time you can choose from 4 different rooms – The Main Arena, V-Lounge, Hideout or the Chill out lounge. One minute you can be skanking to some 70’s reggae then with just a 5 second stroll you can be bubblin’ to some Rare Groove or shoe steppin to some Latin Jazz – no matter what your flavour, your never more than 30 seconds away from one of your favourite tunes.

…And as if the cake weren’t sweet enough already – It too has icing – and this icing allows you to stay at the party for the whole weekend! Touching down on Friday afternoon and not leaving till Monday morning!! Now that is what we call a ParrrTayyy!!!
With the Caister weekender your accommodation is sorted with excellent modern facilities, so no matter what state you leave, you only have a short walk to your comfortable bed, or an after party, or… well we will leave that to your imagination 

Accommodation comes in the form of caravans, tenting or offsite hotels. The Caister website will give you links to all the information you need. There is also a radio station which keeps you pumped up and ready for the evenings events….. You cannot escape the love of music at this event, nor would you want to.

When you’re dancing, you need sustenance, so food is also never far away. With the famous BBQ’s in the afternoons, plenty of on-site takeaways and restaurants serving Shellfish, Kebabs, Burgers, Chicken, Pizza & Chip shops, in addition to the self-catering facilities they have left us wanting nothing! There are also the free on-site attractions such as the Waterworld, Fitness Centre, Solarium and Saunas… just keeps getting better and better!!

So if you love good music, a positive vibe and great memories, then get yourself over to Great Yarmouth in May, where the DJ’s fill the rooms with music that evoke the sweetest of memories, romances, naughty times and frolics. Where friends and dancers pull out moves that have stood the test of time and used in every genre of music since their origination! All true pioneers of the culture…. and when you get a whole bunch of people on a buzz like that, it’s the perfect ambience for fun and no better vibe in the world!

If you’re kicking yourself now because you’re not able to make 2014, fear not as our team will be down there to bring you back a full and lively report, so watch this space …And there’s always 2015.

Cost £140 per person with onsite chalet/holiday homes accommodation included or £80 for camping and off-site hotel tickets (accommodation to be paid separately). Please visit the website at for much more information.


Denny Armatrading

is a massive music fan and has been writing professionally about it since 2009. Graduating from University in Digital Arts & Design for Interactive Media, Denny has years of experience working online in various areas. Music is his passion and his work.