Boom Town Festival 2012 review

Boom Town Festival 2012 review

What Boomtown lacks in size it certainly makes up in eccentricity. A mixture of circus fun with festival frolic’s ensures there is no other event like it.

Boomtown started off as a Reggae and Roots gig and has now added Bands, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and other electric delights.

Caravan Palace, The Skatalites, Reel Big Fish, Asian Dub Foundation, BBB The Beat, DJ Hype, Benny Page, DJ Zinc and Dub Pistols were just a handful of what it had to offer.
We arrived on the Friday rather late and landed right in the middle of ARCADIA. It was an amazing welcome. We were totally overwhelmed by the gigantic fire shooting alien spider in front of us. (The Spider Spectacular). With trapeze artists dodging humongous flames from every corner and fireworks shooting up into the nights sky. Then there was the booms from the awesome 360 sound systems the alien was equipped with – it was total sensory pleasure. After an unqualified amount of time we then bounced around between Downtown and Uptown Mayfair. Slumming it; to living the high life! The two different areas in Boomtown perfectly created a complete divide in culture. Its that ability to influence the festival gowers environment to such a degree that makes Boomtown stand out for me.

Other highlights were: The Police Rave Unit who provided reinforcements for the event “with the strict policy of maximum raving”! Pretty much anything in “The ASBO Disco,” finding our inner rasta in “The hidden woods” and “The Winter Show Trapeze.”
Boomtown is a definite must for the more eccentric and risky raver among you. Not for the faint hearted. If you are looking for a more chilled docile festival we recommend Redfest. If its headliners you are after, hit up global gathering. If it’s a mental mash up of music, circus mayhem and all out craziness you need to pay Boomtown a visit!

Writer – Jago James


grew up in Camden, so it’s safe to say that there is not much this boy has not seen. He is hard to shock yet easy to please, armed with an eclectic taste in music and film. Jago is always ready to tackle anything from Punk Rock, D & B, House to Opera. This makes him a great person to send out into the thick of things. He has a passion for cinematography and fine dining and constantly tries to mix the two. If he is not dancing, eating or watching a movie then he is probably working his way through a bottle of champagne with the local talent. HE NEVER SLEEPS!